Thursday, September 07, 2006

"Clean Money, Clean Elections" Comes To Long Island

Public Interest Group Seeks To Highlight Need For Campaign Finance Reform

The folks at Citizen Action of New York have asked us to pass along the following information:

Eliot Spitzer and David Paterson will be stopping in Long Island on thier 2nd statewide bus tour this Friday, September 8th. Check out the details below.

This is a great opportunity for us to let them know there are Clean Money, Clean Elections (CMCE) supporters all over the state, including Long Island.

Please let Jessica Wisneski, the Clean Money, Clean Elections Campaign Coordinator, know if you can make it to either of these events. Jessica can be reached at or (518) 465-4600 x109.

"I have CMCE signs I can overnight to you so you can have them to bring to the event," says Jessica. "They say 'I support Clean Money, Clean Elections - DO YOU?' on one side and our education message on the other. We need them waving at every campaign stop. Folks have already been seen by Spitzer and Paterson in Kingston this morning, will see folks in Albany in about an hour and again on Thursday in Rochester."

Friday, September 8
11:00 AM
Visit Shinnecock Fishing Village
369 Dune Road
Hampton Bays

2:15 PM
Deliver Remarks at Fulton School
40 Fulton Ave
- - -
EDITOR'S COMMENTS: Query as to whether one could say "Clean Money, Clean Elections" and Eliot Spitzer (or frankly, any other candidate) in the same breath, and with a straight face, no less!

Anyway, "Clean Money, Clean Elections" is a great idea, and a campaign that should not only be endorsed by candidates and electorate alike, but practiced by those seeking elected office rather than simply preached.

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