Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tell Governor Spitzer To Say NO To Broadwater

An Alert From Our Friends At Citizens Campaign For The Environment

Last Chance to tell Governor Spitzer to SAY NO TO BROADWATER!!

Your Phone Call is Urgently Needed- Shell Oil is spending a large sum of money on radio and TV ads to influence the Governor – Please Call Him Now!!!!!

The Governor is still on the fence about Broadwater, and his decision is due any day now. Don’t let Big Oil have more influence than the public- Call Spitzer TODAY!

We’re in the final stretch of a long and difficult campaign. We have to keep the momentum moving. The Federal Government released the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) on Broadwater. As expected, FERC gave Broadwater the green light to move forward. Now, the future of Long Island Sound lies solely in the hands of Governor Spitzer. Governor Spitzer has until February 12 to make his decision on Broadwater and decide whether or not he supports Big Oil’s interests or the Public’s interests. His decision can come any day now, so tell him today to listen to the public and stop Broadwater!

Broadwater Energy, a joint venture between Shell Oil and TransCanada, is proposing to build an industrial Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) barge in the open waters of Long Island Sound, approximately 9 miles from Rocky Point.

How you can help!

Call Governor Spitzer today at (518) 474-8390 or (518) 474-7516. Please, if possible, call during regular business hours to speak directly with a representative. Tell him:

-Your name, address, and town/city;
-To “Be your Valentine and say No to Broadwater” or “Have a heart, protect Long Island Sound; Say No to Broadwater";
-You are counting on him to stand up for the public’s interests - not Big Energy’s interests!
-Why Long Island Sound is important to you, your family, and your community;
-Why you believe the Sound is an extraordinary water body and should be protected for the public and not handed over to Shell Oil.

Please send a quick email to or to with any response you receive from the Governor’s office. It helps us track progress on the issue.

The only way we can win on this issue is if Governor Spitzer hears from the public loud and clear.
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The Community Alliance opposes Broadwater and encourages all readers of this blog to take up the cause to save Long Island Sound.

Broadwater poses a major risk to the environment, presents a potential terrorist target too close to home, and is a clear threat to Long Island's pristine and picturesque coast. [And if you think having a liquified natural gas depot -- a floating time bomb -- in the middle of Long Island Sound will save you money on your utility bill, you're dead in the water. The only folks making money off of Broadwater will be the energy moguls!]

Please contact Governor Spitzer TODAY and urge him to sink Broadwater.


  1. The Broadwater Project is a risk to anyone who lives near or uses the LI Sound for employment or recreation. It will kill millions of fish eggs that are produced on the Sound. There are better ways to import natural gas to this area. There are better ways to produce power. Try clean energy. It is the energy source of the future. Fossil fuels will not last forever.

  2. I am opposed to Broadwater because it involves the taking of a public resource for private use. End of story. I hope you will move that argument to the top of your list of reasons to oppose Broadwater.

    Re: the issue of fish eggs being killed, I hope you are at least as upset about the amount of marine fauna that are killed every day by the Northport and Pt. Jeff powerplants and the plants on the CT shore, including Millstone. These plants kill THOUSANDS OF TIMES more fauna than Broadwater ever will and they do it every day.

    Re: clean energy, what exactly do you propose?

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