Thursday, May 29, 2008

An Efficient Local Government Begins With YOU!

Residents For Efficient Special Districts (yes, we know, we know) Posts Call To Action

Today in Newsday, Executive Director of Residents for Efficient Special Districts (RESD), Laura Mallay, has an extensive op-ed piece that discusses four pieces of legislation that are currently being considered in Albany to lower property taxes and reform special taxing districts (see link to article below).

RESD is encouraging concerned citizens to contact their elected officials in Albany today and let them know this legislation needs to pass before they adjourn at the end of June. The window of opportunity will not remain open for long. If this legislation is not voted on before Albany adjourns, we will have to wait until the fall before this is considered again. We need you to take action today!!

Tell your elected officials that enough is enough.

RESD has developed a letter that is available on our website which you can use to send to your Assemblyman and Senator along with the email addresses of all Assemblymen and Senators from Long Island. It is very simple to do and won't take more than five to ten minutes of your time. Politicians react when they get a lot of emails, letters and phone calls on any given issue.

Let them know lowering property taxes is important to you and urge them to pass the legislation. Just click on the link below to go the page on the RESD website.

Feel free to forward this email on to others who are interested. We thank you for your support and hope that you will help us in this effort to bring back an affordable quality of life to Long Island.

Newsday Op-Ed Article by Laura Mallay

RESD Letter to Elected Officials in Albany

Tony Brita
Director of Communications
Resdients for Efficient Special Districts (RESD)

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