Saturday, December 06, 2008

Who's Watching The Special Taxing Districts?

You Should be!
Special District Elections Set For Tuesday, December 9th

Those Special Taxing Districts (you know, the ones that pick your pockets like the medieval fiefdoms of yore picked peasants off the land), operating under the guise of "local control," will hold elections for commissioners this coming Tuesday, December 9th.

Check out Newsday's interactive page for information on the Special District elections where you live.

Most elections, it would appear, are uncontested. No surprise, really, for despite all the hubbub about waste and greed among the Special Districts -- from State Commission Reports to extensive coverage in the local press -- few residents (the folks who actually pay the bills) actually bother to vote.

While you don't typically get to have your say on who is running most Special Districts (such as lighting, parking, sewer, and the like), or how money is appropriated, with respect to Water and Fire Districts -- much like the School Districts (which themselves account for upwards of 60% of the property tax tab on Long Island) -- YOU can (and should) stick in your 2 cents.

With bank accounts continuing to dwindle, jobs disappearing, and everyone -- from GM to NY State -- looking to reach into your wallet for a "bailout," your vigilance, and participation in the process that keeps representative government representative, is more important than ever.

On Tuesday, December 9th, show those who run the Special Taxing Districts -- and, too often, run away with your tax dollars -- that you're watching. VOTE!

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  1. Even with all the Hoopla in Newsday,There was once again Low voter turnout (63 people). The problem is not the water/fire districts its the Schools (nassau's sacred cow).