Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Say NO To Broadwater -- Again!

Tell The Feds To Keep The Gas Barge Out Of Long Island Sound

From our good friends at Citizens Campaign for the Environment:

On April 10, 2008, Governor Paterson came to Long Island to announce that New York State denied Broadwater from locating in the Long Island Sound. NY State ruled that the Broadwater proposal would damage the Long Island Sound and violated the Coastal Zone Management Act. This was a major victory for Long Island Sound and all the members of the public that worked hard to make sure our voices were heard over the voice of a multinational, multi-billion dollar company - Shell Oil.

Now we need your voices once again!

The new Secretary of Commerce, Mr. Gary Locke, is charged with making an important decision - to uphold NY’s ruling against Broadwater or to overturn NY’s ruling and allow Broadwater to be built in the Long Island Sound. Currently, he must make the decision by April 13; however, there is a 15-day grace period, which brings the deadline to April 28.

How you can help:

We need you to tell the new Secretary of Commerce (and the head of his legal team) that Broadwater does not belong in the Sound and that THE LONG ISLAND SOUND IS NOT FOR SALE! Also, call your U.S. senators and tell them to call the Secretary of Commerce and tell him NO Broadwater!

To learn more about the proposed project, please visit: http://www.citizenscampaign.org/campaigns/broadwater.asp.

Tips for calling the Secretary of Commerce and the head of his legal team:
-Identify your name and where you live.
-Tell the Secretary of Commerce and the head of his legal team to uphold NY’s ruling on Broadwater - Broadwater does not belong in Long Island Sound.
-The Sound generates over $8.5 billion annually for the local economy while providing essential habitat and breeding grounds for over 56% of New York’s protected species.
-$500 million dollars have been invested over the last decade to restore the quality and beauty of the Sound to pass on to the next generation, not to foreign oil companies.

Tips for calling your senators:
-Identify your name and where you live.
-Thank your senator for being a strong anti-Broadwater advocate (except Senator Gillibrand, who was not in office at the time of this campaign).
-Request that your senator call the new Secretary of Commerce and tell the Secretary of Commerce to uphold NY’s ruling on Broadwater.

Senator Charles Schumer (NY) DC Office: 202-224-6542 LI Office: 631-753-0978
Senator Chris Dodd (CT) DC Office: 202-224-2823 CT Office: 860-258-6940
Hon. Gary Locke, Secretary of Commerce DC Office: 202-482-2000
Senator Kristen Gillibrand (NY) DC Office: 202-224-4451 LI Office: 631-249-2825
Senator Joseph Lieberman (CT) DC Office: 202-224-4011 CT Office: 860-549-8463
Mr. Joel Labissonniere, Department of Commerce, Assistant Counsel for Ocean Services-Head of Legal Team DC Office: 301-713-7380

Thank you for taking action to protect the Long Island Sound. Together we make a difference!

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