Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Maverick Versus The Machine

Insurgent Sweeps Through Democratic Primary. Seeks To Upset GOP Applecart.

Having shot his party-nominated opponent out of the water on Primary Day, with 59% of the vote, political neophyte -- but definitely no stranger to community, to service, and to putting people before politics -- Democrat Patrick Nicolosi, takes on Republican Edward Ra, an attorney for the Town of Hempstead, on November 2nd for the 21st Assembly District seat being vacated by Tom Alfano (R-Valley Stream).

Can a shoot-from-the-hip, speak-his-mind, take-no-prisoners community activist (in the truest and most pure sense of the word) in the form and person of Pat Nicolosi take on a died-in-the-wool (or was it Republican cloth?) electoral newcomer, Ed Ra (who just happens to be the son of Joe Ra, former Town Councilman, longtime counsel to Sanitary District 6, GOP stalwart, and current Town Attorney) and actually win?

Did the little piggy cry "wee, wee, wee" all the way home?

Anything is possible, even plausable. And with Pat Nicolosi, the consummate maverick [name us just one in Albany], in the ring, going mano-a-mano with the machine's pick, Ed Ra [who is clearly running on his father's name, perhaps hoping to prolong the Dynasty's rule of the roost], look for a battle royale, and don't count out a surprise at the polls!
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Even Republicans Respect Democratic Assembly Candidate Patrick Nicolosi's Community Experience

On September 14th, voters from New York's 21st District officially declared to Albany that Patrick Nicolosi is the best choice for this year's Democratic Assembly candidate. His opponent is a 28 year old Republican, who is the son of longtime Town of Hempstead attorney Joseph Ra. The 21st District includes Elmont, Floral Park, Franklin Square, and West Hempstead in addition to parts of Malverne, New Hyde Park, Garden City, and Hempstead. But is it only the Democrats of these towns who feel that candidate Nicolosi is well-experienced and greatly qualified to hold the State Assembly position?

Recently, Republican Frank Scuttaro's campaign for Congress responded to a concerned citizen's outreach questioning the credentials of a 28 year old candidate who is the son of the current Town attorney. Within their response, the Republican campaign declared that “[Pat Nicolosi] is an insurgent with a credible history of community involvement.” The campaign representative also admits that “Ed Ra...does not have decades of experience in public service.”

Moreover, the Republican campaign disturbingly claims that “an Assembly nomination entry level position.” When asked for his response, Mr. Nicolosi stated that “The 21st Assembly seat is much more than just an entry level position on which one would use as a stepping stone to advance his or her political career. As Assemblyman, I would work tirelessly on behalf of my constituents to create jobs right here in the 21st District and provide real tax relief to the residents of this great district.”

Patrick Nicolosi has a long history of service to his community including Elmont Library Board Member, President of the Elmont East End Civic Association, and Co-Chairperson of the Elmont Coalition for Sustainable Development. In fact, in his first year as an Elmont Library Board Member, Mr. Nicolosi achieved a zero tax increase, as well as a zero budget increase, without cutting any services or programs. He is also a member of RESD (Residents for Efficient Special Districts), and appears before Town Board of Zoning Appeals on behalf of residents.

Residents of the 21st Assembly District deserve a candidate who will go to Albany not as a stepping stone to further a family career in politics, but will go to create jobs and bring meaningful tax relief to its tax-paying residents.
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  1. The Republicans have picked a 28 year old candidate to run for Assembly seat which is being vacated by Tom Alfano. This candidate just happens to be the son of the current Town attorney Joe Ra. In addition, this candidate just happened to get a job in the same office as his father, not to mention go to the same law school as his father.

    This is precisely what is wrong with politics in the Town of Hemsptead. This 28 year old appears to not have accomplished anything of substance or meaning on his own, but is tapped to be a candidate to replace Tom Alfano?????

    To add insult on top of injury, they view this Assembly seat as "an entry level position"???? Entry level to what, Town councilman, Town attorney, Town supervisor?? The Republicans couldn't find anyone else more qualified to represent us in Albany? This is nepotism gone too far.

    I went through Mr. Nicolosi's website, and he appears to have a maverick history as you describe him, and certainly takes a stance as a reformer at the very least. Mr. Nicolosi has my vote in November.

  2. This is justy another example of how politics are played in the TOH. I just cannot fathome another republican idiot that will just says "this job is an entry level position". We need Mr. Nicolosi to be our voice in Albany and he has demonstrated to be a voice for our and is a resident of Elmont. Ed Ra is a person that does not know what it is to pay for property and school taxes. He does not own a home in the district he wants to represent. He was put into this position and the INSIDE WORLD OD TOH SAY HE DOES NOT EVEN WANT THE JOB. HE WAS SHOVED INTO THIS. HOW CAN HIS FATHER (JOE) PUT/FORCE HIS SON TO RUN FOER THIS SEAT. Why would I want to vote for this little kid that does not even know how to wipe his @ss? Pat Nicoloisi is the QUALIFIED PERSON FOR THIS SEAT.. YOU HAVE MY VOTE MR. NICOLOSI. WE WANT REAL REFORM NOW!!!! VOTE PAT NICOLOSI NOVEMBER 4, 2010