Tuesday, December 28, 2010

License To Kill?

Or Was That To Merely Neglect And Abuse?

Another in our continuing coverage of alleged abuse and wrongful conduct at the Town of Hempstead's Animal Shelter.

Come now the great State of New York, offering its seal of approval of the conduct of business at the Town's shelter.

We find the State's nod to be somewhat less than reassuring, given a track record over the years of approving facilities and behavior less than becoming (i.e., the treatment of patients at State psychiatric hospitals. Anyone remember Willowbrook?).

Take these reports for what they may be worth and from whence they came. Also consider the Town's post-abuse allegation window-dressing, ala Red Cross visits to prisoner-of-war camps.

We report. You decide. [Or something like that.] Awaiting the findings of the ASPCA and the Nassau County District Attorney.

And thank you, Kate Murray, for reassuring the public of the Town's love for the dogs and cats in its care. Shame the same can't be said of the people under the Town's thumb!
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From the Town of Hempstead:

Hempstead Town Animal Shelter Receives State's Approval, Shelter and Animal Control Officers Rate Top Scores on Inspection Reports

As Hempstead celebrates one of its most successful "Home for the Holidays" Pet Adoption Programs ever, town officials got even more reason for seasonal cheer in the form of top ratings in two New York State inspection reports on their municipal animal shelter.

"We're working hard to create the best environment for cats and dogs who come to the town's animal shelter," stated Murray. "I am pleased that New York State has given the town shelter positive reviews."

The two reports, both issued by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets on December 14, 2010, gave the town its top ratings (state ratings fall into two categories: "satisfactory" or "unsatisfactory"). Furthermore, no deficiencies were noted in all 30 categories contained in the two reviews.

"I'm proud that the town's shelter passed the state's review with flying colors," announced Murray. "Not only did we get positive overall reviews, but the state found no deficiencies in 30 separate categories covered in the reports."

One of the reports, a "Municipal Shelter Report," covered the facilities and services at the town shelter. "Standards of Care" and "Records" categories contained in the Municipal Shelter Report found, among other things, that housing area and equipment were regularly sanitized, dogs were handled safely, veterinary care was provided when necessary and clean food and water were furnished in ample quantity.

The second report, a "Dog Control Officer Inspection Report," detailed practices, procedures and equipment as related to the performance of duties by the township's animal control officers. This report determined that equipment was available to capture and hold stray animals, dogs were safely held and transported, equipment was sanitized regularly and all dogs were licensed before release.

"These reports make it abundantly clear that animals are cared for professionally and responsibly," concluded Murray. "We have a clean shelter that provides proper care to cats and dogs. What's more, we have a staff that works hard and loves the dogs and cats in our care."

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  1. The TOHAS Shelter has passed inspection by Ag & Markets for the past 25+ years. Why bring this to the publics attention suddenly this particular year/time? The State Inspects to make certain records are concise, and that animals are being fed & given water. Let's hope with a $7.1 million dollar budget our homeless shelter animals are at least getting food and water. Unless an animal is being abused in the state inspecters presence, they would have no reason to give tohas a failing grade...which by the way, their final grade was "satifactory"....as it's been for 25+ years.