Friday, September 09, 2011

On A Clear, Crisp, Sunny Day. . .

. . .It Feels Like 9/11

Ten years. A decade. And it seems like only this morning.

The shock. The horror. The fear. The pain and sorrow. It all comes streaming back, though the void that penetrated both psyche and soul on that otherwise remarkably brilliant fall day has never really left us.

An open wound that scars over but never fully heals. An emptiness deep within that time cannot fill. A longing for the perceived safety of seemingly more innocent times. A return to 9/10.

On the 10th Anniversary of one of America's darkest days, we remember.

We remember the lives of friends, neighbors and loved ones tragically lost to senseless acts of terror, and the lives of countless others forever changed on that fateful day.

We remember the brave, the selfless, the tried and true. Those who gave all, gave some, or gave what they could.

We remember those who have taken up the causes near and dear to those who perished, of country, of community, of service beyond self.

We remember that freedom is never truly free, and that freedom's flame must be constantly stoked to keep its light burning brightly.

And we remember, at least it is our hope and prayer that we do, that, even in the depth of despair, in these times of social, political and economic turmoil, as in other such times throughout our nation's great history,when uncertainty abounds and the "new normal" is anything but, "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself!"

At this time of remembrance, take a moment, at the very least, to pay tribute both to the fallen and to those who continue to stand tall, at home and abroad, in the face of enormous adversity. Take a moment to reflect upon the meaning of those lives too soon taken, and the lives we, the living, must strive to lead in their memory. Take a moment to resolve to do more, try harder, go just one step further in making our community, our country and this world a better, safer, happier place.

And then, take a moment -- or as many as you may spare -- to hug your kids, your spouse, your significant other, your mom and dad, uncles, aunts, cousins, neighbors, friends and acquaintances, and to say "I love you."

9/11 will forever be etched on our minds and embedded in our hearts, as it should be -- as it must be. We remember. And we move forward, with hope, with strength, with determination, to 9/12 and beyond.

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