Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Community Alliance Endorses. . .

Election Day: Tuesday, November 8

Okay. You twisted our virtual arm. So, without further ado, here are our endorsements for the upcoming election.

Take them for what you will -- or won't. Frankly, if you don't know who has been a friend of community and which of the elected or wannabes is in it for themselves, there's little hope that you'll catch on now.

For President of the United States (so what if that's not until 2012 :-): Herman Cain (R)
Yup, Herman Cain. We like his 9-9-9 Plan. That's 9 pizzas with 9 toppings for 9 dollars. You just can't beat that, now can you?

For Town of Hempstead Supervisor: Kate Murray (R)
Do we hear a collective, "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?"
Is it the tax freeze? The fiscal conservatism? The experience in office? The smile? The photo ops? The fact that, in each preceding election, we endorsed the challenger, and look what happened? [Read into that what you will!] No. It's the TV ads and radio spots. Anyone who can be that creative in straining credulity, and actually gets the electorate to buy in, lock, stock and barrel, has truly earned our vote!

For Hempstead Town Clerk: Mark Bonilla (R)
He's done a fantastic job in bringing Town Hall to the people, and not just the mobile Passport office.

For Town of Hempstead Receiver of Taxes: Don Clavin (R)
We all need someone to Boooo-Hisssss when it comes to our property tax bills. Who better than Don? :-)

For Hempstead Town Board:
Ed Ambrosino (R) (a true friend of community, even if he no longer returns our telephone calls)
James Darcy (R)
Angie Cullen (R)

For Nassau County Legislature:
Kevan Abrahams (D)
Robert Troiano (D)
Carrie Solages (D) (if for no other reason than we all know what John Ciotti knew and when he knew it)
Denise Ford (R)
Joseph Scanneli (D)
Francis Becker (R)
Adam Moser (D)
Vincent Muscarella (R)
Norma Gonsalves (R)
David Denenberg(D)

Well, there you have it. Remember, it's all about transparency, accountability, and the uncanny ability to avoid either while convincing the public that you're doing both!

And now, like the rest of you, we'll lock the doors, close all the lights, pull down the shades and hide under the covers, hoping against hope that tomorrow never finds us.

Good night and good luck!


  1. 1. Your endorsements are garnished with the type of humor that tends to flow from a desire not to transmit any transparency or accountability. Along the same line, it would have helped if you had indicated why you are for (or against) particular candidates.

    2. You appear to be content with what amounts to 100% control of the Hempstead Government by Republicans. Is it that you think they are doing a great job or that you think none of the Democratic candidates are sufficiently competent. The long period of control by the Republicans is, for me at least, a red flag, and would be also if that control had been exercised by Democrats. Over a century of continuous control has created many imbedded policies and practices that benefit the few, to the detriment of the many, and that have substantially deterred the development of the Town of Hempstead.

    3. In any event, I wish you would use your writing and analytical ability to come up with concrete proposals as to how the Town and the County can become start doing some genuine long-term planning and also halt the ongoing escalation of actual tax bills and government fees. Instead of progress in a world that is becoming increasingly competitive, we are steadily sliding down the mountain on all fronts.

    4. It seems to me that, the County and Town levels we have government by amateurs. We need some real expertise to dig us out of the multiple holes we are in.

    5. The legislators, instead of doing genuine fact finding and policy setting, are content with dealing with today by following the lead of the County Executive or Town Supervisor. The result is that, to a good extent, we lose be the benefits that are supposed to be provided by having two branches of government, rather than one. One issues of policy, the legislators are often quiet. Most of them are happy to send communications to the residents that relate to motherhood and apple pie issues that have nothing to do with their elected positions.

    So, Community Alliance, instead of just taking pot shots, with a touch of insecure humor, please do you best to come up with clear proposals for growth and reform. Otherwise, you just help to perpetuate the slide toward failure.


  2. Thank you, HJB, for at least acknowledging our attempts at humor.

    As for where we, at The Community Alliance, stand, and our "proposals for growth and reform," clearly, you've been reading between the lines of our blog posts, rather than on them.

    What troubles us is not our stance, or the posturing we take (which, we believe, has been rather well articulated here), but rather, the failure of John and Jane Public to take a stand, other than that which perpetuates the status quo, mediocrity and, as you so aptly put it, "the slide toward failure."

    We've given more than ample opportunity over these many years for the masses to jump right in -- or jump overboard, as the case may be -- all to little or no avail.

    If there is to be change -- or should we say, change for the better -- it has to come from the electorate, and not from us lowly bloggers.

    Indeed, about the only thing we are secure in is our humor, the future of our county, our town, our Long Island being most uncertain.

    Onward, if not necessarily upward. . .

  3. The TOH endorsements are a bit much, some of the nitwits who work for the Town and donate a percentage of their salaries to the machine may miss the sarcasm and actually belive you are endorsing Team Kate.

    I am surprised you did not seize the opportunity to poke fun at the Dem's candidate for receiver of taxes: Mr. Wilton Robinson Jr. His associates degree from NCC in criminal justice surely qualifies him to be our receiver of taxes. Under what rock did Jay Jacobs and the rest of the Dems find Mr Robinson?