Saturday, December 31, 2011

Same Tax, Next Year?

Are Your Property Taxes Lower Today Than They Were One Year Ago?

Dollars to doughnuts -- or to school districts, sanitary districts, towns, counties, and taxing districts by the dozen -- your property tax bill was higher this year than it was last. And higher still than that tax bill for the very same services was 2 years, 5 years, 10 years ago.

Talk of cuts, consolidations, transparency, efficiency, and, yes, even caps aside, your property taxes are no lower than they were a year ago, and the prospects of that bottom line coming down -- or even staying the same (a cap not being a reduction, or, truth be told, even a cap on the tax you will pay), zero to nil.

Bully for the Tax Revolt. Hooray for the Two-Percenters. A great big YeeHaa for the folks who promised smaller, leaner, more efficient government.

It truly is the property tax, stupid. The tax that drives seniors out of their homes, our workforce to other states, our children to find livelihoods, buy homes and raise families eleswhere.

The question is no longer whether we have had enough. That train left the station years ago. What must be asked -- though we've asked it before -- is when are we finally going to do something -- something tangible, something real, something that actually translates into a true reduction on the bottom line -- to lower the property taxes on Long Island?

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