Thursday, June 30, 2005

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Property taxes on the rise. School taxes to double by the end of the decade. Illegal apartments in single family houses stretching limited resources and endangering countless lives. “Downtown” looking more like “Ghost town.” Services dwindling. Quality of life on the decline. Who ya gonna call?

The Community Alliance, Long Island’s premier quality of life watchdog group, says, “Call us!” Better still, e-mail The Community Alliance (times being what they are, who can afford a telephone?) at, and join the crusade to rebuild suburbia.

Initially formed as an umbrella organization through which local civic associations and community groups could channel complaints, formulate joint strategies and “think tank” shared solutions to common concerns, The Community Alliance now reaches out to the rank and file – the folks who pay the bills – the residents and property owners of our towns, villages and hamlets.

“This is a unique and unprecedented opportunity for residents to have a voice beyond their own communities,” said Roy J. Mezzapelle, Co-Chair of The Community Alliance. Citing the fact that those who are active and involved close to home are not always engaged beyond the borders of the local community, Mezzapelle commented, “Quality of life knows no boundaries. We have to think locally, act globally, and work together in our endeavor to return suburbia to both Town and County.”

Join forces with your neighbors – across the street and clear across town – to reinvent community as it once was, as it should be, as it can be again. As a citizen-member of The Community Alliance, you’ll have access to the resources needed to stay informed and in the know, and you’ll be a very real part of the strength in numbers that will empower you and your hometown. The cost of citizen-membership in The Community Alliance? FREE. The benefit of being a member of Long Island’s vanguard of the suburban lifestyle? PRICELESS!

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