Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Into The Blogosphere

The Community Alliance Blog Expands Horizons

Starting today, The Community Alliance blog -- the voice of quality of life advocacy (if not reason) on Long Island -- reaches beyond the south shore and the gold coast, broadcasting to greater New York (if not the world) via

Specifically, our blog is now linked with, bringing the news of New York (at least as us bloggers see it), whether from Buffalo to Bohemia, direct to your computer monitor.

The idea behind is simple -- to enable New Yorkers (and NY wannabes) to get the best of the New York web, all in one place!

In their own words, provides:

- The day's top news based solely on what news stories New York bloggers are linking to -- no matter what mainstream news source they're in;
- A micro search engine that will only search the New York blogosphere;
- A quick guide to the hottest blog comment sections in New York;
- A quick index of the day's most active New York blogs;
- A guide to the blog posts most linked to by other New York bloggers.

The goal here at The Community Alliance blog is to reach as many Long Islanders -- New Yorkers, one and all -- as possible, enlightening, educating, and, from time to time, entertaining.

If its about community, for community, or concerning community, you'll find it right here at The Community Alliance blog. And when that community encompasses what's happening west of Elmont -- and north to Albany -- you'll find it at

Make sure YOUR voice is heard, on Long Island and around the State, by adding your comments to our blogposts.

We'll continue to give voice to the issues and problems -- from out-of-control property taxes to fiscal inequity in our public schools to paying more for garbage collection than for police protection -- as long as you agree to be a part of the solution!
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Today's blog sites of interest from -- ALBANYSINSANITY and REFORMNY.

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