Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Your Tax Dollars + Public Schools = Mediocrity?

New Study Shows NYers Not Getting Bang For Bucks In Public Education

From HighTaxesNew

The Public Policy Institute has released a new compilation of data that lists various measurements of how much money New York taxpayers give to schools and what kind of academic return they get for that investment.

From the story by John Milgrim of the Ottaway News Service:

Guess where government is spending an extraordinary amount of money and getting mediocre results?

Did somebody say New York state's public schools?

Notably, the New York State Education Department, which responded by citing important improvements in school performance in recent years, also expressed reservations about how taxpayers' dollars are spent in schools.

"More students are graduating from high school each year, and more are getting Regents diplomas. But too few dollars still go to the students and the schools with the greatest need, and class sizes are bigger there," said Tom Dunn, spokesman for the state Department of Education.

The Public Policy Institute's data is available by clicking HERE.

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