Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Long Island Nation

The REAL Long Island Blog

Okay. We've been faking it at The Community Alliance blog. The REAL voice of Long Island -- albeit self-proclaimed -- is the Long Island Nation blog.

Who are we to argue?

Covering Long Island, from Elmont to Riverhead, the Long Island blog is apparently the place to post.

We're not looking for bragging rights. The bloggers at the Long Island blog are more than welcome to them. [Naming rights, on the other hand, are all ours!]

In fact, in our humble opinion, the more Long Island voices that are out there blogging, commenting, and shouting from their desktops, the better it is -- and will be -- for all of us!

So, please check out the Long Island blog. Offer comments. Take or leave the musings -- as you do ours -- for what they're worth.

The views expressed on the Long Island blog are, of course, the opinions of the bloggers. We take no credit, and offer no blame. [Geez. We have enough @&$#@! here with our own views!]

Still, Long Island is Long Island. The good, the bad, and the blogs. The more blogs and bloggers, the merrier!

Be a real -- okay, virtual -- part of your Long Island.

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  1. All hail Long Island Nation! Thanks for the mention! All hail Long Island Nation!