Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What Are We, Chopped Liver?

Community Alliance Snubbed By Johnson Campaign

Although among the first of the blogs to formally endorse Craig Johnson's successful bid for State Senate, The Community Alliance blog, with some 85,000 "hits" weekly, got the equivalent of a cyber-snub from the folks at the Johnson For Senate website.

Johnson, in an online letter to friends and supporters, thanked a number of blogs outright -- from the well-known Daily Kos to the new kid on the block, The Albany Project, but no mention was made of the blogpost that has -- albeit with a touch of humor and a sometimes stinging bite of irreverance -- started to make some noise (and see some movement forward) on the local quality of life scene.

Said Craig Johnson:

This seems like the right place for Liz and I to offer special thanks to the bloggers and the netroots community who energized this race from near and far. I don’t want to leave anyone out, but let me mention The Albany Project, The WFP Blog, Daily Gotham, Nassau GOP Watch and, of course, Daily Kos, which hosted our blograiser.

Next time, maybe we'll host a blograiser. 50 cents per electron...

Well, that's okay. You can't keep a good blog down unless you stay down with it!

We're not taking Craig's oversight -- intentional or otherwise -- personally. Chances are, we're not even on his radar screen.

For that matter, we won't even take this post seriously -- although never underestimate either the reach or the power of this blog.

And maybe it's all for the best that we can sneak up on 'em quietly, effectuating change, if not in government, then at least in the collective mind of the electorate.

We still like you, Craig. Glad to have you headed up to Albany (better you than us, with temps at minus 5).

So, you snubbed us. Big deal. At least you didn't call us "articulate!" ;-)

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