Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Day The Earth Stood Still

At Least Long Enough To Stop And Feed The Roses

Earth Day on Long Island, where the air is clear, the fields are green, and the water you drink comes from aquifers deep below the soil, into which we pour tons of pesticides, herbicides, and other toxic chemicals every year.

As we celebrate planet earth, and, hopefully, reflect upon and work toward its renewal and sustainability, how about making a start of it at home by going organic?

Your lawn and garden are great places to get the organic seeds sowing, as our friends at the Long Island Neighborhood Network have been telling us for years.

Switching from chemical warfare on your lawn and in your garden to organic gardening is not only good for the environment, its good for your green space, and, in the long run, its more economical than the costs -- for lawn care and health care -- associated with those nasty chemicals.

The Neighborhood Network provides guidance on Four Steps to a Toxic-Free Organic Lawn, and even provides an up-to-date list of organic landscapers.

After you've tended to your lawn, have a go at making the inside of your home more earth-friendly. Non-toxic living is something we can all strive toward, from the containers we use to package food, to the cleaning products we spread around the house, to the beauty products we put on our bodies.

A healthier earth begins at home, and it all starts with YOU, today, Earth Day!

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