Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Tom Suozzi Is Off And Running

Campaign Begins For Third Term As County Exec. [Or Is It Governor? Senator?]

Tom Suozzi, completing his second term as Nassau County Executive, recently re-launched his campaign website at

Interestingly, though to no one's surprise, Tom doesn't say which office he's running for.

A third term as County Exec? The Governor's seat? A challenge to Senator Gillibrand?

Who knows!

Much like Tom's Magical Mystery Bus Tours (circa 2005)-- you remember, the tours that took community leaders on a ride as prelude to Tom's much touted economic redevelopment plan -- Suozzi's plans for his own future, if not ours, remain a mystery.

We're still waiting, in much of Nassau County, for economic redevelopment. The bus ride was loads of fun, Tom, but it seems like, after we got off, the bus kept going and got lost somewhere.

Also awaiting a re-launch, we suppose, is property tax relief (Tom chaired the commission), special district reform (to include school district reform, which Tom called for way back when), and any appreciable results stemming from the creation, several years ago, of Nassau's first Empire Zone (circa 2006).

Yes, Tom has that grand vision Nassau needs. [Although, his vision didn't extend to the Final Four, Suozzi picking Michigan State to go all the way in the NCAA championship.]

Give Tom Suozzi an A for effort -- from his ever-present showmanship to his use of the latest technology (Twitter on, Tom Suozzi) -- an A- in ideation and in sharing the vision for that new suburbia (circa 2005), but only a C+ in actually getting the job done.

The rhetoric is wonderful, Tom, but on those bread and butter issues, as well as quality of life concerns, its the results that count.

Then again, governing is a team effort. If Tom Suozzi is to make the grade and hit a homerun for Nassau County, he needs the cooperation and support of the County and State Legislatures, and his colleagues in Town government. For the most part, in terms of helping the County Exec restore luster to the jewels in Nassau's crown, those folks have been failing dismally.

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