Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A Cool(ing) Tower Grows In Hempstead Town

Pssst. It's Not The Lighthouse

A tower is set to rise in Westbury off the Merchant's Concourse. A monument to a "cool downtown," perhaps? No, more like an additional cooling tower for the Covanta "waste-to-energy" (read as, incinerator) facility, that now boasts the tallest structure (the existing cooling tower) in Nassau County.

Yes, the Town of Hempstead -- the very same folks who balk at the Lighthouse project for its expanse, congestion along the roadways, and its impact upon the environment -- has given the green light to Covanta to expand its trash-conversion plant, notwithstanding serious concerns over the facility's size, increased traffic congestion, and environmental impact.

At hearings held last summer, the public questioned the need for Covanta's expansion, and raised legitimate concerns. Traffic. Water usage. Pollution.

No matter. The Town of Hempstead is moving forward. Not with plans that would bolster the local economy or breathe new life into the Hempstead Plain, but with a small-minded plan to put more money in the pockets of a private concern, in a sweetheart deal (tax breaks, and all) that brings more trash to Westbury and snuffs out the last breath of fresh air over what once was the Hempstead Plain.

As for the Lighthouse? Still stalled as too big, too much, too soon. More garbage for Hempstead Town, on the other hand...

Sounds about right for what taxpayers get from Hempstead Town Hall, doesn't it? Garbage in. Garbage out!


  1. again we see who really butters kate's bread. she has fought the lighthouse tooth and nail,yet gives covanta-a horrible neighbor and negative asset- yet more tax breaks and incentives.

    how much longer will covanta pollute our air and water,add to the horrendous traffic,and much more?

    again the sheep of nassau county are sleeping.kate should have been on the carpet on this one-long ago.

  2. btw,several LI towns applied for federal clean energy grants. north hempstead and oyster bay among others did.

    guess which town in nassau didnt?

  3. forgot to mention-

    it would be interesting to see how much $$ covanta donated to kate's re-election.