Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rolling With "Roll Back The Raises" In Hempstead Town

Petition Drive In Full Swing; TOH Residents Urged To Get On Board

The wrong message at the wrong time!

Perhaps that best describes the raises Town of Hempstead officials gave themselves after their most recent victory at the polls.

Unemployment soaring. Businesses closing their doors. Property taxes eating away at the tattered wallets of Long Islanders. The economy's recovery barely visible in New York. Residents hurting, badly.

And with this, the Hempstead Town Board voted itself, along with the Town's other elected officials, substantial raises. Raises that we, the struggling masses yearning to stay afloat financially, are paying for out of our own, thinly lined pockets.

As we reported recently, a grassroots organization, Rollback The Raises, has initiated a Petition drive to hold a public referendum on the Town of Hempstead raises, and asks for the support of all Town of Hempstead residents in signing -- and getting friends, family and neighbors to sign -- the Petitions.

Hey, it's your money! [Or at least it was, until your local government took it away...]

Without further then, here's the word from our friends at Rollback The Raises.  Pass it along to everyone you know in the Town of Hempstead, and then, take action.

This, fellow community advocates, is your opportunity to say "no" to too much government at too high a price. This is your chance to fight back!

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From Rollback The Raises:

As you know, the TOH Supervisor, Clerk and Town Board have given themselves raises every two years since 2001.Most taxpayers say that it is not right to give salary increases during hard economic times when unemployment is high and people are having difficulty in making ends meet. Even more people are enraged when they discover that these raises are routinely passed every two years AFTER the general election.

Furthermore, the opportunity to legally challenge these raises in a referendum takes place during the busiest time of the year when people are spending time with family and friends. It is really done in a sneaky and underhanded manner.

BUT THERE IS GOOD NEWS! For the first time citizens are openly challenging these raises by getting petitions signed to put these raises before a public referendum to let the people decide.

Enclosed in this grassroots petition packet is everything you need to help out. It is truly a non-partisan effort as as both major political parties are the recipients of these raises.

We encourage everyone to get involved to send a message to our TOH government. As you collect signatures at supermarkets, train stations, and other high traffic areas, you will feel very satisfied at the overwhelming positive response the voters and taxpayers give you when they sign the petitions People have had enough and are more than willing to voice their objections.

What is this all about ?

TOH Salary Flyer View the raises and print out copies to inform the people who are signing the petitions

Salary and Tax Graph- See how much Town of Hempstead Salaries and taxes have gone up.

How Do I Collect Signatures ?

PETITION INSTRUCTIONS - It is fun and easy .Complete instructions for everyone to get involved.

What do I say to get people to sign ?

Sample Petition Dialogue- Sometimes people have reservations about how to talk to potential signers. This is a sample people have used to collect thousands of signatures. Do whatever works best for you. The people are smart and realize that you are out there helping them.


Rollback The Raises
Organizing Committee

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