Wednesday, April 26, 2006

PARCnassau Springs Into Action

A Report From PARCnassau: Advocacy And Action

Last year in July, PARCnassau issued a "report card" on the county parks. They earned a "generous" C minus. On June 18th, one year later, the county park administration issued a memo to all area and park managers to address the deficiencies enumerated therein. County employees are now removing all the dead bushes and trees lost to dehydration. To be replaced? We'll see.

Vandals attacked Cedar Creek Park again. This has become a continuing problem. With no park rangers and low police priority it will only get worse.

How are the county parks you use? Let us know and we will spread the word and perhaps these deficiencies will be addressed also (hopefully not next year).

On Thursday (April 27th), there will be a meeting on the proposed windmills off Jones Beach hosted by the Old Lindenmere Civic Association. It will be held a Kennedy High School, Bellmore at 8:00 p.m. If you wish to learn more about this issue or would like to express your opinions, please make every effort to attend.

Friends of the Bay has asked us to pass on the following:

"From Environmental Advocates of NY.

To celebrate Earth Day this year, reach out to your state representatives, and let them know they need to take action on the Super Bills:

* The Community Preservation Act gives all New York cities and towns a new tool to preserve natural and historic heritage (passed the Assembly, awaiting action in the Senate);
* The Clean Water Protection/Flood Prevention Act fixes a gaping loophole in state wetlands protection law (passed the Assembly, awaiting action in the Senate);
* The Bigger Better Bottle Bill expands New York's bottle law and generates funding for environmental protection (ready for a vote in the Assembly, awaiting action in the Senate);
* The Environmental Protection Fund Enhancement Act increases the dedicated fund for conservation and land preservation efforts (awaiting action in both the Assembly and the Senate).

These bills have a better chance of becoming law if you add your voice to the chorus of people calling for action. To participate in Low Emission Lobby Day you have two easy options:

1) Easiest: send your Senator and Assembly person the message that they need to pass all four of the Super Bills for the sake of our environment. You can customize the pre-written email however you like and make sure they know exactly what you think.

2) Easy (and more effective): Forget email. Go old school and actually TALK to your legislator's office. Ask to speak to the head cheese and tell them you want to see these bills passed this year before they leave town and run for re-election.

With your help we can pass the Super Bills and celebrate a low emissions Earth Day!

Robert J. Moore
Executive Director
Environmental Advocates of New York"

Bruce Piel
Park Advocacy & Recreation Council of Nassau (PARCnassau)
246 Twin Lane East
Wantagh, NY 11793-1963
(516) 783-8378

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