Friday, April 21, 2006

The Taming Of The Shrewd

The Town Of Hempstead Presents: KISS ME KATE

Perfect material for a blog, but frankly, it just doesn’t get any funnier than the real thing!

"Plaza Productions brings the grandeur and excitement of a Broadway hit, home to Hempstead Town," stated Supervisor Kate Murray. "A great cast, beautiful costumes, live music and elaborate sets make for an unforgettable theatre experience to be enjoyed by the entire family."

Did someone say, "elaborate sets?" Forget the footlights and bring on the Victorian Street lamps!

If memory serves us, the female lead was once married, now divorced. One of the songs is entitled “I Hate Men” (perfect for all you misogynists). The only thing keeping the show (within the play) together are threats from a pair of gangsters. And the show (within the play) is supposed to provide the male lead with the money he needs to pay off his gambling debts (nowadays, we call them “bonds!”)

Sounds like a play about a town within a play in a town about a play. Where’s Mel Brooks when you need him?

The only thing missing is the 3-D version (ala the 1953 MGM film, which this blogger is running out to rent this evening) of an otherwise two-dimensional township. Ah, but there is no “taming” of the shrewd in Hempstead Town!

So, what could be better than "Kiss Me Kate" in the Town of Hempstead? Nothing. Well, maybe the double-bill presented as Summer Theater in the Adirondacks -- "Kiss Me Kate" and "Little Shop Of Horrors."
- - -
Look for other exciting Town of Hempstead productions, including the electoral spectacular, Same Time, Next Year.

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