Monday, October 09, 2006

So Many Blogs. . .

. . .So Few People In Power Paying Attention

Venture online, and lunge into a blogosphere literally choked with hundreds, no, thousands of blogs. Blogs from the left. Blogs from the right. Centrist blogs. Comical blogs. Inane blogs. You name it, there's a blog out there for it, about it, or against it!

In the New York blog-arena alone, there are dozens of blogs offering insight and opinion on everything from property taxes to racial profiling.

Eliot Spitzer has a blog. John Faso doesn't. [He's waiting for November 8th, no doubt!]

There are Long Island blogs, upstate blogs, Hudson Valley blogs, and Adirondack blogs -- just to name a few.

And there are blogs that defy classification, like the NY Bathroom blog. Hey, when ya gotta go...

The point we're trying to make here is not so much that individual blogs -- including this one -- are lost in the vastness of the blogosphere [we are lost, but we're making great time...], its that notwithstanding so many bloggers posting on many of the same critical issues, few in officialdom are catching the drift, picking up on the cue, and taking the lead.

Of course, the electorate -- be they what the are (the ignorant leading the uninformed toward that light at the end of the tunnel -- which light happens to be attached to an oncoming train) -- is also reading (or at least "clicking"), yet there's not even a feeble effort to change the stagnation of the status quo. Go figure!

Perhaps we need a blog of blogs -- sort of like Sid Caeser's Show of Shows. A showcase of issues, forums, and cyber-roundtables, where both represented and representative can gather, exchange ideas, and, ultimately, take action.

Or maybe, just maybe, more of us need to to stop blog-surfing, and begin to take an interest in what's happening in the real world, starting with our own communities.

We might all be amazed at what a little local activism could accomplish. And, to be sure, when folks do shut down their computers and walk out the front door into the brilliant light of day, we'll be right there to blog about it. . .
- - -
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Anyone out there who isn't aware of breast cancer? Good. This whole "awareness month" thing is working. . .

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