Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What do they call "bobbing for apples" in the Bush White House?


Sometimes these blog posts are sheer torture, aren't they?

Only 1 week until Election Day! According to Bush, "if you turn Congress over to the Democrats, the terrorists win." Does anyone beside this blogger hear desperation?

On the other side of the coin, if you allow the Republicans to maintain their stranglehold on our government, well, the Detroit Tigers win, in 7. No, really. They do!

Okay, George, Dick, Don, Condi -- You can take off your masks now! "Luke, I am your father..."

Ahh, Dick Cheney. The best life insurance policy a president could buy.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from The Community Alliance Blog. Hey, it doesn't get any more frightening than this... Halloween at the White House.

Folks, if you keep sending the same nitwits back to do the same job, why does it surprise you when you get the same results? Some Americans apparently enjoy self-flagellation. [And if you like flagellation, you'll love crucifiction, coming this holiday season (er, ah, Christmas) to a Theocracy near you.]

As the Captain of the Titanic said to the helmsman, after the ship had hit the iceberg and was on its way under, "Stay the course..."

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