Friday, October 27, 2006

The New York Times Endorses Dave Mejias For Congress

And So Do We!

Not that it would have taken the skill of a John Edwards (the psychic, not the former Senator and vice presidential candidate), given what we've written in these blog posts about Congressman Peter King of New York's 3rd Congressional District, but we'll say it again, anyway. Voters should retire Pete King from the House of Representatives, consigning him to write nasty letters to the editor of Newsday and his former constituents.

We could go on, in encyclopedic chapter and verse, about the inherent evils of Pete King. We'll say our piece, to be sure, but defer to our blogging colleagues at the Peter King Watch to take that in-depth swipe at the McCarthyesque Chair of the House Committee on Homeland Security.

Usually, we can find something nice to say about those who dedicate themselves to public service, but in this case, well, we'd be hard-pressed to find a kind word for King, a man who has as much disdain for the very people who voted him into office as he does for the fundamentals of the Constitution.

Maybe its the fact that Peter King not only stands by George W. Bush -- touting his failed policies from Iraq to Medicare Part D to immigration -- he embraces this president. And just what can one say of a Congressman, from our own neck of the woods, no less, who embraces incompetence, ineptitude and bungling baffoonery? "You lie, Mr. President, and I'll swear to it!"

Perhaps its his staunch conviction that anyone who aids and/or abets an illegal immigrant, by so much as providing a hot meal, should have a conviction of his/her own -- a felony conviction, that is. Or whose immigration policy hinges on a 700 mile long fence along our border with Mexico (it was King who sponsored the measure, and Bush who signed it -- the original Dumb and Dumber). Sure, a fence will quell the rush of the huddled masses yearning to toil in the fields for less than minimum wage so they can feed and clothe their kids back home. [Gee, we wonder if they got a permit for that fence. Somebody call Town Hall.]

How about screwing the seniors among us, voting in favor of a prescription drug program that feeds the coffers of drug manufacturers and health insurers, as it forces the elderly to choose between taking their meds and eating dinner. Yeah, Pete and your G(reed) O(ver) P(eople) bretheren in Congress (who have their own prescription drug plan with no caps, limits or deductibles), thanks for that!

It could be King's insistence that "racial profiling" is a good thing that irks us. After all, such profiling would certainly keep us safe from that lilly white militia of boys and men (not a Muslim among them) who attack helpless school children with assault rifles. Or was it just your refusal, Pete, to extend the federal ban on such weapons? After all, VP Cheney needs his AK-47 to knock off those ducks -- and an old friend, or two. Quack. Quack.

How about King's now infamous quotes: “I’m George Bush’s man in Congress” and “I thank God every night that he is our president.” That's enough to sway our votes!

Or maybe its just that you're not a nice guy, Pete. A mean-spirited, self-serving, ill-tempered, vacuous well of ugliness who upholds what has become, unfortunately, the American way.

The bad news, folks, is that Pete King's way is the wrong way. The good news is that you can, and should, do something about it. VOTE FOR DAVE MEJIAS FOR CONGRESS ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7th!

The New York Times reminds us -- as if most of us needed reminding -- that Pete King is the last Republican Congressman standing on Long Island. Like those cardboard placards of that "other" cellular network, voters should give King that little nudge, watching him fall, along with his myopic views, like the house of cards upon which his agenda is built.

No doubt the notorious Mr. King will attempt to have the writers of this blog tried for treason by reason of this publication. Our only regret is that we have but one blog to post for our country.

As for our support of Dave Mejias, well, The Times editorial board put it best when it said, "Mr. Mejias is one of the few bright bulbs in the low-watt Nassau Legislature. He helped to create a bill of rights for domestic workers in Nassau, requiring that employers give them written statements of their rights under federal and state law. He has a good environmental record, particularly in efforts to preserve open space, and has been an important ally of County Executive Thomas Suozzi in restoring fiscal discipline to Nassau government. He promises to be a refreshing change in the Third District, and we endorse him."

"One of the few bright bulbs..." We like that one. Truth is, Dave Mejias is an independent thinker who stands firm in his beliefs, even when at odds with his own party. Unlike King, Mejias listens to his constituents, respects what they have to say, and values their input. What more could an informed and involved electorate ask for?

Pete King has said he's "going for broke" in this campaign. We certainly hope so. We're endorsing Dave Mejias. He has our confidence and support, and he deserves your vote!
- - -
Or maybe its as simple as King being cut of that same cloth as the folks who steal lawn signs, even off the lawn of the mother of the opposition candidate, replacing Mejias signs with King tributes. The proverbial fruit -- or, in this case, fruitcake -- does not fall far from the termite-riddled tree.

By the way, Newsday has endorsed Dave Mejias as well. Now, its your turn!

Election Day is Tuesday, November 7th...

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