Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Does Your State Legislator Make The Grade?

Public Policy Group Beats Drum Loudly Up In Albany

We often wonder (or at least we should), "How did my State Legislator vote on this issue or that?"

Well, someone has been tracking the votes in the Assembly and the Senate on key issues ranging from Auto Insurance fraud reform to Health Insurance reform.

The survey, conducted by Drum Major Institute for Public Policy, a non-partisan, non-profit think tank "providing ideas that fuel the progressive movement" (right away, you're thinking "liberal"), attempted to focus on so-called "middle class" issues -- and, yes, the slant is decidedly, well, "progressive."

Concerned with matters that rum the gamut -- from affordable housing to affording college -- DMI stands on the forefront of holding public policy makers -- including the folks in Albany -- accountable to the people who pay the bills (that would be us, in case you haven't noticed).

Check out DMI's reports, including those on your legislators' votes in the Assembly and the Senate.

DMI is taking a forward look at pending issues, and keeping a keen eye on the men and women who, as our elected representatives, shape our future.

Whatever your point of view, whether leaning left, right, or headed straight down the middle, the time has come to open our minds and set our course to new ideas and renewed ideals, up in Albany, and here at home on our Long Island.

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