Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Not Your Father's Republican Party

"Smaller Government" and "Fiscal Conservatism" Supplanted by "Borrow & Spend" and Countless Public Authorities

"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of shoes--and STAR --and "styro" checks --
Of money flows -- and kings (3) --
And why your taxes are so boiling hot--
And whether pigs have wings."

In generations past, it was the GOP that boasted cutting the size of government, restraint with the taxpayers' money, and a balancing of budgets. In fact, Republicans were always quick to point the finger, calling Democrats the party of "tax and spend."

Well, look who's spending now, and accumulating a debt that our grandchildren's grandchildren will be paying off. [$8.5 trillion on the federal level, and more than $48 billion right here in New York.]

No, its not "tax and spend" (where at least the money to spend is at hand and accounted for), its a more reckless, foolhardy pattern of "borrow and spend." The kind of smoke and mirrors approach of "borrow today and pay through the gills -- with interest -- tomorrow!"

As for smaller, more effective government, well, as they say in Brooklyn, "fuggetaboutit!" We have more governement today, and certainly more waste, than ever before.

And you don't have to look so far as to Washington for this fiscal immorality. Why, our pals in Albany are doing just fine as they spend, spend, spend what the taxpayers of New York don't have, have, have.

When spending outpaces income by billions of dollars every year, and the government has to borrow just to keep up appearances, you know you're in trouble.

And don't talk about a smaller, more efficient government, certainly not in New York. Heck, even the Albany elite aren't quite sure of the exact number of public authorities out there (730, and counting, as of this morning), picking the pockets of taxpayers by "bonding" the future. The Legislature creates these self-governing, money-grubbing beasts, and simply turns 'em loose -- on us!

Just the other day, this blogger received one of those glossy, pre-election mailings, courtesy of the New York Republican Committee. You know, the kind of junk mail that landfills are made of.

It asked us to "join the tax revolt" by voting Rebublican.

This blogger would have laughed, or at least scoffed at the irony, but realizing that there are folks out there who actually buy into this nonsense...

Some tax revolt -- and led by the GOP, no less. Kinda like General Custer leading the troops into battle in Iraq. [Oh wait. He is...]

Do we have to remind voters that, for the past 12 years, New York has had a Republican Governor and a Republican-dominated State Senate? That 2 of those 3 men in "the room" are card-carrying members of the Republican Party?

Has anyone looked at their property tax bills lately? Now that's what we call, "revolting!"

Even locally, right here in Nassau County, where Dems now control the roost. Sure, County taxes have gone up, as we all know, but not because of "tax and spend" Democrats. Does anyone remember the poster boy for "borrow and spend?" Tom Gulotta, the former GOP County Exec, who left Nassau County in financial ruin!

And the reassessment, always blamed on the Democrats. What short memories the electorate must have. The reassessment, ordered by the courts, came into play during a Republican administration (both at the County and State levels). They only complained about it after voters gave 'em the boot!

"Pay as you go" -- as in "spend what you have." We all know that this is the way efficient government should operate. The Republicans used to shout "pay as you go" from the bully-pulpit. No more.

Of course, that was then, not now. That was before some of us elected a president and a Congress that spends like there is no tomorrow (with a foreign policy that just may make this practice a self-fulfilling prophecy). That was before we elected a Governor and a Legislature that spends our money, often secretly, behind our backs, on pet projects that benefit the few, and political boondoggles that burden the many.

No, this is not your father's Republican party!
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