Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Fire District Elections To Be Held Today

Commissioners, Referenda On Ballots

Yes, today is Election Day here on Long Island. Head to your local firehouse and cast your votes for the folks who will decide how much you will pay in fire district taxes, whether to purchase new equipment -- from fire trucks to race cars -- and when "training" requires that junket to Vegas or a week down in the Bahamas.

Oversight has never meant much in the fire districts. Like their bretheren in the Sanitary Districts, Fire Commissioners have traditionally been left to rule the roost -- and set your tax rate -- without anyone (certainly not the public) looking over their shoulders.

So, the least we can do -- and dare we ask you to do any more -- is to vote today in the fire district elections. Not that we, the people, really give a damn, even as our wallets are being picked clean. Still, every once in a while, it doesn't hurt to participate in the affairs of our own communities -- especially when those "affairs" impact on our own bottom lines -- and to make believe that we actually care.

Unsure when and where to vote in today's fire district elections? Call your local fire department. Maybe they'll tell you. Then again, maybe they won't!

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