Friday, December 01, 2006

Ideas for a Better New York

Spitzer Transition Team Seeks Input Into New York's Future

What are the issues that are important to you, locally and state-wide, and how can State government best deal with matters that impact upon both wallet and quality of life?

Governor-elect Eliot Spitzer's transition team is asking New Yorkers to submit their own ideas, on issues ranging from the economy to the environment. In other words, you can now put your mouth where your tax money is, and, with any luck, make both work harder for you and our collective community.

To post an idea, simply visit the submit your ideas page on the Spitzer transition team's website.

This is your opportunity to be a part of New York's transition, from twelve years of malaise and borrow and spend, to a leaner, more proactive State government.

As for our "idea," well, its quite simple, really: Eliminate. Consolidate. Pay-As-You-Go. The fastest way to wipe out the State's burgeoning debt and to lower property taxes is to eliminate unnecessary and wasteful government entities (at least 100 public authorities and so-called "special districts" immediately come to mind); consolidate, from agencies that provide overlapping services to school districts that leave too many of our children behind; and pay-as-you-go (also known as "spend-only-what-you-have) as the successor to the old (and costly) "borrow and spend."

Cutting costs and saving tax dollars does not have to be painful. If we cut the pork, trim the fat, and drain off the grease that's been dripping over the palms of way too many special interests, there will be plenty of money to fund worthwhile and beneficial social, economic and environmental initiatives, while lowering property taxes and reducing the State's debt.

Why, just show us the latest list of New York's public benefit corporations, and we'll find you a few billion dollars right off the top!

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