Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Guns Don't Kill People. . .

. . .People With Guns Kill People

In the wake of the massacre on the campus of Virginia Tech, we are compelled to ask, "How many more senseless deaths resulting from gun violence in America?"

Sure, guns don't kill. It's the crazed lunatic who just happens to get his hands on a semi-automatic weapon -- or a 9mm gun with a reloadable semi-automatic clip (of the type that HAD been banned before Congress, with a nod and a wink from President George W. Bush, allowed the sun to set on the Assault Weapons Ban).

No, you'll never be able to weed out, let alone make college campuses, high schools, or offices, safe from the lone nut case bent on destruction.

Still, arming them (as is their NRA-given right) with, say, a pea shooter, would be far less destructive than giving them easy access to assault rifles and semi-automatic clips, America's answer to weapons of mass destruction.

In Virginia, where the V-Tech student purchased the guns used to mercilessly murder 32 and wound another 29, you don't need a license, there is no waiting period, and the background check is so minimal that Charles Manson could have cleared through. In fact, its as easy to walk into a gun shop in Virginia, as it is in many states, and purchase a gun, as it is to walk into a supermarket and buy a bunch of bananas.

You can't legislate morality, let alone sanity. Nor do you want to turn college campuses into armed camps. And liberty, at its very core, subjects us all to certain inalienable risks. You can, however, make it much more difficult for the immoral, the insane, and the inhuman to carry out their dastardly deeds.

A Constitutional right to bear arms? Okay, fine. You've got us there. Let's arm every man, woman, and college student in America -- with the notable exception of Dick Cheney -- with a sling shot and a handful of pebbles. Maybe they'll take out an eye, or two, but few will be felled, let alone massacred, by a single, rampaging slingshotter.

The gun lobby, like big tabacco, is killing our kids, ladies and gentlemen. And not one at a time, but en masse.

The President, wearing the same blinders that keeps Americans dying in Iraq, tells us that the debate on gun violence will continue, but just not now. When, Mr. President? How many more Virginia Techs? How many more Columbines? How many more Nickel Mines? How many more senseless killings on the wrong end of the gun before we lose that thirst for blood, our irrational attachment to assault weapons? How many more children must die before you, Mr. President, put an end to America's culture of gun violence?

Charlton Heston has left us, folks. It is time to pry that gun from his "cold, dead hand," and for all of us to say, "no more!" We owe those gunned down on the campus of Virginia Tech, and those who survived the onslaught, at least that much!
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A Message from Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy

Today’s shooting in VA is most deadly campus shooting in US history

Earlier today, tragedy struck the campus of Virginia Tech. Young people just beginning to make their mark on the world have been killed in a senseless act of gun violence. Not only have they been robbed of their future, but society as a whole have been stripped of any future contributions they may have made to make our world a better place. My heart goes out to the families of those lost in this heinous act.

It has been more than a decade since meaningful legislation that would prevent gun violence has been signed into law. This pattern must change. For too long Congress has stood idle while gun violence continues to take its toll. The unfortunate situation in Virginia could have been avoided if Congressional leaders stood up to the gun lobby.

It is imperative that Congress acts now and to fully protect our homeland. It is reprehensible that it takes tragedies like today’s events for Congress to stand up and act. I offer my sincere sympathies to the families and will remain committed to passing common sense legislation to prevent further acts of gun violence.
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  1. The Long Island Party's position on Gun Control ~

    We believe in a person's constitutional right under the second amendment. However we believe there should be an immediate moratorium on the manufacturing of personal weapons. All guns should be registered, owners required to take annual safety courses and illegal use penalties stiffer. Owning a gun, although constitutionally a right, should be treated more like a huge responsibility, and as such, only the responsible should have them. We believe financial incentives should be made to retool gun factories into manufactures of socially responsible products such as medical supplies.

    To learn more about the Long Island Party's positions, please visit

    Be safe,
    The Long Island Party

  2. What do you see? I see four people with guns, one is a cop, another is a solider, another is a thug, another is a terrorist.

    All four have authorization from city, country, religion, race.