Friday, April 13, 2007

It IS Easy Being Green!

Local Business Highlighted on Certified List of LI Organic Landscapers

New 2007 List of Organic Landscapers Now Available for Long Island @

As one additional sign that spring is here, the 12th annual listing of organic landscapers is now available. The Neighborhood Network 2007 Certified List of Organic Landscapers provides information to homeowners about landscapers who use organic, pesticide-free products and practices. There are thousands of landscapers on Long Island, which leaves some homeowners overwhelmed when attempting to find an organic service.

“This certification program provides homeowners with a convenient, easy-to-use list of professional, chemical-free lawn care companies, as an alternative to the typical landscaper who uses toxic, synthetic pesticides,” said Neal Lewis, Executive Director of the Neighborhood Network. “Too many children are needlessly exposed to chemicals in the grass they play on. Long Islanders who want to protect their family’s health and reduce chemical pollution of our drinking water supply are now able to harness their consumer power and bring about market change by hiring one of the eco-friendly companies on this list.” Lewis concluded.

“Do not miss this opportunity to lower your risk of disease by utilizing the services of the landscapers on this list and by making common sense purchases by buying less toxic products,” said Karen Miller, President of the Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition. Breast cancer groups like HBCAC will be distributing this list to thousands of families who are affected by cancer.

“To me, this is not just about a greener, healthier lawn,” said Seth Bykofsky, former president of the West Hempstead Civic Association and Co-Chair of The Community Alliance. “Its about the safety and purity of the water we drink, and the environment we leave as our legacy to future generations of Long Islanders.”

Homeowners interested in avoiding the use of pesticides can receive a free copy of the list of organic landscapers by calling: 631-963-5454, or by visiting the Neighborhood Network website at: and then choose the link to 2007 Organic Landscaper List.

Local Landscaping Business Highlighted on L. I. List

Proudly one hundred percent organic, Grow Kind Organics in North Bellmore (516-265-5276) provides mowing and fertilization along with design and installation services to Bellmore, Seaford, Wantagh, Merrick, Woodbury, Plainview, Garden City, and Suffolk’s North Shore. Red Post Organic Farms (516-582-5763) serves Oyster Bay, Woodbury, Brookville, and Syosset, with fertilization, tree care, design, installation and non-toxic lawn pest control. Natural Way Organics Landscaping (631-224-3486) a 100% organic care company, located in Holbrook, is ready to design, install, fertilize, and manage lawn pests for those in Suffolk, Nassau, Queens and NYC.

The 2007 Certified L. I. Organic Landscaper Listing Program is administered by the Neighborhood Network, a Long Island based environmental organization. For landscaping businesses to qualify for the list they must complete a detailed questionnaire, sign a contract restricting use of chemical products, and must be trained in organic turf maintenance practices.

“This year’s List has 46 companies from all parts of Long Island. We get many calls from homeowners grateful for this option,” said Beth Fiteni, who is the Issues Program Director for the Neighborhood Network and who oversees administration of the Listing Program. “This is the twelfth year of the program, and this is our biggest list yet! The interest in organics is growing, and this list makes converting as easy as making a phone call.” Ms. Fiteni concluded.

Thousands of Lists Distributed Directly to Homeowners

The effort to reach out to the community with this list of alternative landscaping companies is also supported by many other Long Island environmental and breast cancer action organizations. Thousands of the organic landscaper lists are being distributed to residents throughout all parts of Nassau and Suffolk counties, by mail and through our website.

Long Island Pesticide Use is Widespread

Long Island is one of the areas of the State with the highest pesticide use, with Long Islanders apply approximately 10 million pounds of dry and liquid chemical pesticide products annually. Many of these pesticides are associated with health effects such as carcinogenicity and nerve toxicity, which can be especially harmful for more vulnerable subpopulations like children, elderly, asthmatics, or those with chemical sensitivities.

The Certified L. I. Organic Landscaper List Provides True Alternatives

Organic methods work by enhancing the natural systems that support a healthy lawn. Instead of synthetic chemical pesticides or fertilizers which harm soil life, organic landscapers use products containing natural ingredients, compost, earthworm castings, biological controls, beneficial insects, and oils and soaps, and a variety of non-chemical techniques that work in harmony with the eco-system of a yard or garden such as mowing at 3” or higher to shade out weed seeds.

Every time chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers are applied, the number of living organisms in the soil declines significantly.

The list of organic landscapers features the names and contact information for 46 companies and also provides information about the type of services provided by each company, such as mowing, fertilization, non-chemical pest control, tree-care and landscape design. This way, Long Islanders can find the service that best suits their needs.

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