Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hug A Tree!

Earth Day Across Long Island And, Er, Around The World

Today, we pay homage to Mother Earth, take a few minutes to appreciate what may still be gren, clean, and pristine, reflect on the future -- perhaps the very existence -- of Planet Earth -- and, just maybe, take a few small steps of your own to clean our global house.

Whether you set out today to grow your lawn organically, to clean up a beach, a park, or merely your own back yard, or to simply sit on the front stoop appreciating (but not taking for granted) this gorgeous day, we hope you reaffirm your commitment to the environment, to yourself, and to future generations by doing your part, as guardians of our planet, to make this world a better place than it was yestrerday.
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Celebrate Earth Day with The Nature Conservancy

Earth Day Is For The Birds

Make A Difference on Earth Day

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