Tuesday, December 04, 2007

$172+ Million On The Line In 12/11 Special District Elections

Hey, Its Your Money ---

Special District Elections scheduled for December 11, 2007:

Town Type District Budgeted Expenses, 2007
TOH Fire Atlantic Beach Fire District $1,057,948
TOH Fire Baldwin Fire District $481,024
TOH Fire Barnum Island Fire District $132,700
TOH Fire Bay Park Fire District $209,901
TOH Fire Bellerose Terrace District $2,531,633
TOH Fire Bellmore District $4,440,467
TOB Fire Bethpage Fire District $3,980,146
TOH Fire Bethpage Fire District $132,600
TOH Fire East End Atlantic Beach Fire District $4,860,545
TOH Fire East Meadow Fire District $5,200,934
TOH Fire Elmont Fire District $2,494,280
TOH Fire Franklin Square Fire District $1,395,000
TONH Fire Garden City Park Fire District $2,437,000
TOH Fire Hewlett Bay Fire District $1,314,051
TOB Fire Hicksville Fire District $5,316,536
TOH Fire Inwood Fire District $1,036,850
TOB Fire Jericho Fire District $2,866,900
TOH Fire Lakeview Fire District $122,905
TOH Fire Lawrence North Fire District $3,104,100
TOH Fire Levittown Fire District $756,724
TOH Fire Lido - Point Lookout Fire District $387,640
TOB Fire Locust Valley Fire District $1,707,757
TONH Fire Manhasset-Lakeville Fire District $4,973,123
TOB Fire Massapequa Fire District $5,402,794
TOH Fire Meadowmere Fire District $3,198,000
TOH Fire New Hyde Park Fire District $3,922,889
TONH Fire New Hyde Park Fire District $3,198,000
TOH Fire North Bellmore Fire District $1,871,860
TOB Fire North Massapequa Fire District $2,193,273
TOH Fire North Merrick Fire District $4,973,000
TOH Fire Oceanside Fire District $1,437,557
TOH Fire Roosevelt Fire District $1,471,074
TOH Fire Seaford Fire District $713,926
TOB Fire South Farmingdale Fire District $1,444,829
TOH Fire South Hempstead Fire District $4,039,120
TOB Fire Syosset Fire District $5,689,813
TOH Fire Uniondale Fire District $6,014,000
TOH Fire Wantagh Fire District $533,090
TOH Fire West Hempstead Fire District $2,002,021
TONH Fire Westbury Fire District $3,454,441
TOH Fire Woodmere Fire District $20,630
TONH Park Great Neck Park District $11,197,458
TONH Park Manhasset Park District $1,715,963
TOB Sanitary Glenwood - Glenhead Garbage District $978,801
TONH Sanitary Carle Place Garbage District $637,700
TONH Sanitary Port Washington Garbage Removal District $2,051,150
TONH Sanitary Roslyn Garbage District $529,919
TONH Water Albertson Water District $3,081,439
TONH Water Carle Place Water District $2,247,908
TOH Water Franklin Square Water District $56,400
TONH Water Garden City Park Water District $3,641,709
TONH Water Glenwood Water District $420,716
TOB Water Jericho Water District $298,611
TOB Water Locust Valley Water District $355,358
TONH Water Manhasset-Lakeville Water District $8,966,204
TOB Water Massapequa Water District $2,000,000
TOB Water Oyster Bay Water District $721,336
TOB Water Plainview Water District $3,052,317
TONH Water Port Washington Water District $4,463,080
TONH Water Roslyn Water District $3,868,213
TOB Water South Farmingdale Water District $1,618,772
TOH Water West Hempstead - Hempstead Gardens Water District $942,965
TONH Water Westbury Water District $4,436,868
TONH Water Poll. Control Belgrave Water Pollution Control District $3,003,500
TONH Water Poll. Control Great Neck Water Pollution Control District $4,074,721
TONH Water Poll. Control Port Washington Water Pollution Control $5,156,030

TOTAL: $172,038,219

TOH= Town of Hempstead
TOB= Town of Oyster Bay
TONH= Town of North Hempstead

Source: Office of the Nassau County Executive


  1. I'm glad you posted this. All the time taken going after the fire districts and probably more than half of this list is wrong.. very far off.. must be difficult getting all this information together. our budget numbers are off by, let's say.. $3.5 million. Look at Baldwin FD, you think that's correct.. Now just scroll down and look at how many do not make sense.. Nice job...

  2. We question the figures too. Seem far too LOW for these money-sucking, taxpayer flogging special districts.

    So, we've e-mailed Newsday, the County Comptroller, AND the County Executive's office (from which these numbers emanate), and await responses to our inquiries.

    Perhaps these apparent low-ball figures represent only what the special district commissioners intend to spend on junkets to Las Vegas, steak dinners at Mortons, and widescreen TVs for the rec room.

    Surely, these amounts are barely enough to cover the necessities, like full health and medical benefits, and life insurance, for this life and the next.