Thursday, July 09, 2009

A "How To" Primer For Smaller, More Effective, Less Taxing Government

You, Too, Can Dissolve A Special Taxing District, Or Two

Ahh, government reform, back in the hands of the people, from which it emanated, where it all began, where it all belongs.

Yes, but now -- or soon, in about half a year -- that the people have the power to take down sanitary districts, among other wasteful fiefdoms masquerading as local governments, will they know what to do with it?

Well, maybe this will help.

A newly created website detailing the ins and outs of New York's Government Reorganization & Citizen Empowerment Act. Check it out at, or at the website of the NYS Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo.

There are sample petitions to view and download, both for consolidation and elimination (hey, why not go for broke? Wipe that fiefdom off the political map), as well as step-by-step instructions on how to initiate and carry through the consolidation/dissolution process.

Why, there's even an instructional video! [Where's Billy Mays when you need him?]

Sort of makes you feel all empowered, doesn't it? Like you actually have control over local government, for a change.

Towns and Villages will get their shot, as well, having the authority to self-impose the dissolution or consolidation of local government entities. Yeah, right. That'll be the day!

So, too, will counties, which will be able to initiate the reorganization of local governments, including towns, villages, cities, fire districts, special improvement districts, water districts, and other districts created by law. [Sorry, Long Island. School Districts are exempt, so, you're stuck with 124 of 'em until somebody figures out that that's about 122 too many!]

Hmmmm. Like fantasy football, it may not be the real thing, actually lowering the cost of governmental services and bringing efficiency to the streets of our towns and hamlets.

Still, its about all we've got right now, short of a coup of our very own, the overthrow of your local sanitary district by barricading ourselves behind recycling bins and galvanized steel trash cans.

So, study up, New Yorkers. You know we have way too much government, especially in our own backyards, and it is costing us dearly.

You hold in your mortal hands the power, if not to abolish all forms of human frivolity, then, if nothing more, to carry those petitions door-to-door in your community.

Hey, what better way to "exercise" your rights as citizens of the Empire State?

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