Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Pause In The Disaster

The Community Alliance Blog Stands At Ease

No, we're not resigning, quitting our post to serve some higher order. [Frankly, we like it right here on the front line, the short-order cooks (and bottle washers) of community].

We're simply taking our annual summer hiatus, recharging batteries, re-energizing spirits, reflecting upon past words and deeds, and contemplating how we -- and you -- can successfully take on the work of community that lies before us.

And speaking of the work of community, there is no rest, either for the weary or for the advocate.

So, while we take a measured break now that summer has finally arrived in suburbia, be reminded that the trials and tribulations that impact upon us, as citizens, as taxpayers, as New Yorkers, as Long Islanders, continue.

Be vigilant. Get Involved. Stay strong in the face of adversity, not to mention (though we will) apathy and indifference, those great detractors of quality of life.

Read, and re-read The Community Alliance blog (which, by the way, nears the milestone of 1000 posts) -- comment, suggest, and, by all means write -- to us, to your local newspapers, to your civic and community associations, to your elected representatives.

Guest blogposts are always welcome. Pen a few good words of and about community for publication in cyberspace, and send them to us at

Continue to make a difference in your community, every day, in every way.

Together, we will seek out and embrace those common sense solutions to our common community concerns.


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