Friday, September 11, 2009

The Hobgoblin Of Little Minds

"NO!" : Its Not Just The Credo Of Washington Republicans

If you think the "just say no" folks are only obstructing in the halls of Congress, well, you'd better think again.

In Albany, the Senate GOP leaders -- the great reformers who coup coup cachooed all New Yorkers for several months before packing their empty bags and calling it a farce -- managed to have the lock-step Republican Senators block an Ethics Reform measure, which was before that less than illustrious body sitting (on their hands) in special session.

Closer to home, Hempstead Town's Republican Supervisor, hiding behind a smile that launched a thousand lies (and counting), has found yet further reason to muster support for Kate Murray's delay of the Lighthouse Project -- prelude (as in postscript), no doubt, to short-circuiting any and all redevelopment of America's most blighted township, beyond the brick pavers, decorative benches, stylized trash receptacles, and Victorian-style street lamps.

Of course, ethics is a four letter word in Albany, on both sides of the aisle, while in Hempstead Town, Smart growth -- be it in terms of the magnitude of the Lighthouse Project, or small potato streetscapes in the town's unincorporated areas -- is about as scarce as Kate's missives, Murraygrams, and maladjusted vision of suburbia are plentiful.

Clearly, there is a trickle down (more like deluge) of "NO" from Washington, to Albany, to Town Hall, where the inflamatory and the incendiary -- in words and deeds -- stifle even the best intentions of those who would revive and embelish the great suburban dream.

Uniquely Republican? Certainly not.

Still, when a party chooses the status quo, stands pat on false and flimsy premise, and has lost the ability to lead, well, should not we, the people, say "no more?"

Election Day. Your chance to get even, and JUST SAY NO!

Kate Murray's Thriller. [Be afraid. Be very afraid...]

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