Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Newsday Slams Local Assemblyman For Failing To Sponsor A Single Bill

At The Community Alliance, We Know Better
Tom Alfano's Representation Is Much More Than The Sum Of Bills Introduced

Chided for not introducing a single bill during this past legislative session -- and the only member of the NYS Assembly not to introduce legislation -- there are those (apparently including Dan Janison of Newsday) who would have Assemblyman Tom Alfano hang his head in shame.

Not us!

But not a single piece of legislation introduced?

So what!

Bill drafting into the abyss that is the NYS Legislature, where most legislation dies in committee, and the rest only makes it to the floor with the consent of the Speaker of the Assembly or the Majority Leader of the Senate, is hardly anything more than an exercise in futility.

The real measure of the man -- in this instance, the Assemblyman representing Elmont, Floral Park, Valley Stream, Franklin Square, Malverne, and West Hempstead -- is so much more than the number of bills introduced.

Frankly, its not about getting your name on a piece of legislation as a sponsor. It has never been about Tom Alfano, grabbing the headlines or taking the limelight.

Its about taking on the issues that impact upon not only his constituents, but all New Yorkers, fighting zealously and moving stridently on the matters we, the people, actually care about.

From access to health care and affordable insurance, to consumer protection, to revitalizing Main Street, it has been Tom Alfano who has stood on the front lines of community, shoulder-to-shoulder with activists, advocates, leaders, and the man and woman on the street, who don't need to see Tom Alfano's name on a bill to know that he is working for them, tirelessly, day in and day out.

They don't need a piece of legislation on which Tom's name is imprinted to know that Tom Alfano is accessible, visible, in the community -- yes, even beyond Elmont's Belmont -- lending an ear and reaching out with a helping hand.

They don't need a bill with Tom's sponsorship to know that the cause of Tom Alfano's tenure in Albany has been education -- offering a hand up to the future of our community, our children -- with money for our schools, innovative programs for our students, and a keen eye, always, toward making a quality education a right, not a privilege, for every child.

They don't need an Act to amend the Domestic Relations Law to know that Tom Alfano is working to strengthen families, to protect the middle class, and to keep more money in the pockets of taxpayers.

When there is a problem or concern in his District, Tom Alfano is one of the first elected officials people turn to for help, for answers, for understanding, and, perhaps most significant, for results.
Why, we could go on ad nauseum, offering chapter and verse, on the accomplishments of Assemblyman Tom Alfano, his steadfast commitment to the communities he serves, and his resolve to bring good government to the people, and good people to government. We could even list legislation co-sponsored by Assemblyman Alfano this past year.

We won't.

We don't have to.

Those who have crossed paths with Tom Alfano, by telephone, through a casual conversation at a community event, on a visit to his District office, up in Albany, at a Women of Distinction ceremony, or maybe even at a 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament, already know!

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  1. I have not been impressed with Mr. Alfano. I cannot understand a local politican not introduce/pass a bill for his constituents. Mr. Alfano needs to be replaced with new young ideas that will benefit the areas of Elmont. Election is only weeks away, please if you are reading this post, lets move forward. Kate Murray and Tom need to be replaced...