Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Re-Elect Kate Murray Town Of Hempstead Supervisor. . .

. . .When:

1. The Town of Hempstead gives the green light to the Lighthouse Project;

2. The revitalization of Grand Avenue in Baldwin is delivered, as promised;

3. The former Argo movie theater in Elmont is razed, and replaced by a supermarket;

4. The rebirth of Nassau Road in Roosevelt is more than just a Welcome banner, brick pavers, and those Victorian-style street lights.

5. The infamous Courtesy Hotel in West Hempstead is demolished, and ground is broken for Alexan at West Hempstead Station.

Not a chance that any, let alone all of the above will be accomplished by Election Day (Tuesday, November 3)?

Well, then, you'll just have to cast your lot with the other gal. Why? Because the status quo is never good enough!


  1. A fed up Town of Hempstead RepublicanTuesday, September 22, 2009 11:31:00 AM

    I can't believe that the same things that sat on Kate Murray's plate when she was appointed as Supervisor still sit here today, some 7 years later.

    Are Town of Hempstead residents so out of the loop, or is it so accepting of mediocrity, that they elect a Town Supervisor based solely on a promise and a smile?

    As a registered Republican, I'm tired of "same old, same old" in Hempstead Town, and sick of paying property taxes to maintain what has, in so many respects, become the poster child for bad government.

    I fear that, by reason of duplicity, complacency, and voter apathy, Murray will easily win re-election come November.

    That would be a real shame. Shame on Kate, for duping us. Shame on the electorate, for not demanding better!

    This is one member of the Grand Old Party who will not be towing the party line on November 3!

  2. To echo comments above, sometimes the worst malfeasance any public official can commit actually relates to what they DON'T do. We've had no real property tax relief, no meaningful leadership when it comes to economic development, the blighted areas of this Town are only getting worse and more plentiful (notwithstanding the addition of decorative Victorian streetlamps), the condition of our roads are a mess - I could go on and on. But what's truly unacceptable about all of this is that I can't detect any sense of urgency when it comes to addressing these problems. In point of fact, in certain instances there actually seems to be outright resistance - as in Lighthouse and the recently rejected project in Elmont. And then I get one of those infamous Town mailings, filled with breezy good cheer and devoid of substance, and I too wonder how anyone could support yet another term of this kind of incompetence. I'll take anybody - Democrat, Republican, Liberal or Conservative - who at least gets it that this Town is in trouble.

  3. Kristen McElroy needs to step up to the plate and start swinging at the softballs Kate Murray is throwing her right down the middle. Kristen has the opportunity to really challenge Kate in November but she has to get out there and be heard on these important issues confronting the Town. Unfortunately, to date, Kristen McElroy is nowhere to be found.

    I fear she'll wake up November 4th and realize she squandered a terrific opportunity to become Supervisor.

  4. i think kate murray is doing a fine job. you should invest in the levittown tribune and read it weekly. whenever i happen to contact her office she immediately responds and does her best to help