Monday, March 29, 2010

An Invite To Breakfast

From Our Friends at the Long Island Breakfast Club

Join the Long Island Breakfast Club for a morning that very well could change everything (or, at the very least, fill your tummy with good food and your head with good thoughts).

LOCATION: ADELPHI UNIVERSITY Ruth S. Harley University Center Rooms 201 203 $20.00 Fee

If You Change One Thing, You Change Everything
Speaker: Michéal Castaldo
Crooner/Composer/Connoisseur Italian Cultural Ambassador and Entrepreneur

The painful process of looking for work is eased by joining the Spirited Group of the Long Island Breakfast club. They Meet They Eat and They Seek! FEEL YOUR OATS NOT YOUR FLAKES! You’ve had dozens of interviews for jobs you wouldn’t even accept as a gift. You’ve seen a career counselor to validate your strategy. You’ve followed the best advice culled from recent job-hunting venues! Net Result: The process, especially lead generation is too slow. One person however motivated can turn up only one lead at a time when it comes to job hunting, business leads or contacts. You are feeling like you will lose your mind! Stress No More..

About The Long Island Breakfast Club

The Long Island Breakfast Club was founded in 2006, an organization providing advocacy, support, career and employment counseling, referrals and good old-fashioned laughter to prepare experienced mature individuals for productive employment. Counted among the membership are women and men who have recently been downsized and looking for support to continue positive reinforcement to gain employment back in the corporate world. Membership is encouraged for any individuals who need the extra support to continue momentum in searching for jobs in the mid-life years.

This organization provides advocacy, support, career and employment counseling and referrals to prepare mature individuals for productive employment. To register email

For More information visit

About Michael Castaldo

When the Academy of Calabria Rome-Toronto honored michéal in 1996 for his contributions to the Calabrian community in Canada, and when he received the “Calabria America” 2000 for his achievements as a composer/producer, michéal was inspired to rebuild Villetta Mimma Vittoria, the villa where he was born, making it available to his family and friends as well as opening it up as a rental to anyone ready for a Calabrian adventure. In 2004 he founded the first ever Olive Oil Cooperative in New York City, providing high quality organic olive oil from his family’s estate-grown extra-virgin olive oil to connoisseurs in North America. The Private Reserve Estate EVOO was founded in 1907 by his great grandfather Giuseppe Frisina who had just returned from New York City as a “bird of passage” helping to build the subway system. With savings in hand he purchased a parcel of land that had centuries-old olive groves. By the 1920s his grandparents, Michelangelo Pellegrino and Maria Antonia Frisina took the olive grove to the next level and now michéal’s uncles have over 20,000 orchards along the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria in the foothills of Aspromonte. In short, The New York City Olive Oil Coop seed was planted a century earlier as a gift from a great grandfather to a great grandson.

To give back a bit of life’s sweetness, CASTALDO now runs whose mission is to take people suffering from the “blues” or illness on scenic joy rides in the country in his exotic convertible roadster, a customized Mazda Miata. His story and his car were featured as Miata of the Month in November 2007 in

Nowadays michéal CASTALDO may be found on any given week performing light Italian opera; hosting an olive oil tasting complete with Neapolitan song or classic Italian pop standards; onstage at Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center, the JVC Jazz Festival, the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, the West Virginia Italian Heritage Festival or hosting a house concert event at the home of a high-profile Italian-American family—in Italian, of course. With his current Italian CDs “Villa” and “La Dolce Vita ‘NAmerica” CASTALDO slows the tempo, reaches deeper into the soul and passionately takes you back to his Calabrian roots.

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