Thursday, May 20, 2010

And Speaking Of Protecting The Environment. . .

. . .Tell Albany To Restore The Environmental Protection Fund

Who needs clean water to drink, clean air to breathe, clean rivers to swim in and fish from, clean jokes to tell (oh, you get the idea)?

New Yorkers, that's who!

Our new friends at Environmental Advocates of New York ask you to do your part (in addition to recycle, reuse, and reduce) by letting the folks in Albany know you want them to restore funding to the programs that keep New York's skies, rivers, aquifers, and watersheds clean and pristine.

Take a moment, on this beautiful New York morning, to lend your voice. No electrons will be harmed. No trees cut down (SEE link below). No greenhouse gases will be released into the blogosphere.
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From Environmental Advocates of New York:

We need your help to enlist a few brave state lawmakers to defend our Environmental Protection Fund.

Governor Paterson put the environment on the chopping block in his budget proposal for next year. He wants to cut $69 million from our Environmental Protection Fund, which encourages healthier communities across the state by investing in our parks and zoos, clean drinking water, pesticide research, open space and family farm preservation, and much more. Last year, the Legislature bucked the Governor and restored some environmental monies.

New York shouldn’t scrap the environment to make up for budget shortfalls this year, either. Click here to ask your representatives in the Assembly and the Senate to restore our Environmental Protection Fund.

We love New York. That’s why we need to keep our environment healthy and protected—for our families today and for future generations tomorrow.

It’s time to act. For the next few weeks, the State Legislature will be deep in budget negotiations with the Governor. Click here to ask your representatives in Albany to show their love for New York by restoring the Environmental Protection Fund.

Click here to learn more about how the Fund benefits communities in every county of New York State.

Thank you.

Alison Jenkins
Fiscal Policy Program Director
Environmental Advocates of New York

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