Friday, May 07, 2010

Make A Pest Of Yourself!

Ask The Governor To Sign The Pesticide Ban On School Playing Fields

Our fine-feathered friends at Citizens Campaign for the Environment are at it again -- in a good way.

With both Senate and Assembly having passed legislation banning the use pesticides on school playing fields, New Yorkers are now encouraged to ask Governor Paterson to sign the measure into law.

Please take a moment or two to so act.
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From Citizens Campaign for the Environment:



Child Safe Playing Fields Act Passes Assembly & Senate:
Urgent Action Needed to Ensure Governor Paterson Signs the Bill!

Responding to overwhelming public support, both the NYS Senate & Assembly passed the Child Safe Playing Fields Act, protecting NYS children from unnecessary exposure to aesthetic pesticides. Now the bill will go before Governor Paterson, and your action is needed one more time. Take action now.

Of the 48 most commonly used pesticides in schools:
81% are irritants
69% are neurotoxins
53% are linked to reproductive effects
50% are linked to cancer
69% are linked to kidney and liver damage

Pesticides and our children’s health

Children are especially vulnerable to pesticide exposure due to their developing bodies and frequent hand-to-mouth behaviors. The science is clear that increased exposure to pesticides contributes to an increased incidence of asthma, learning disabilities, neurological problems, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and other cancers with particular regard to young children. NY’s children deserve to play on school fields that are not laden with toxic chemicals. School playing fields and green spaces can be maintained without the use of toxic pesticides.

Safer alternatives exist

Fortunately, schools can eliminate their use of hazardous pesticides while successfully and cost-effectively managing pest problems in school buildings and on school grounds. Numerous municipalities, school districts, individual schools, and some states have chosen to adopt school pesticide policies that require a school to prohibit the use of toxic pesticides and, instead, use readily available and affordable non-toxic alternatives. Time and time again, schools that have eliminated toxic pesticide use are reporting effective pest management and significant long-term financial savings.

Legislation to ban pesticides in schools

CCE strongly supports the Child Safe Playing Fields Act, S.4983c - Foley / A. 7937c - Englebright which will ban the use of aesthetic pesticide applications outside on school and day care grounds. Children spend a significant amount of time in school. Banning toxic chemical use where our children play will reduce their exposure to harmful chemicals. This reduction will protect their developing and vulnerable bodies from the harmful consequences of pesticide exposure. Once enacted, this legislation will help protect the health of our children and provide significant long-term financial savings to schools. Read the full Memo in Support.

Join us in asking Governor Paterson to sign the Child Safe Playing Fields Act (S.4983c/A.7937c) to protect our children from pesticide exposure in schools!


Email or call (518-474-8390) Governor Paterson. Tell him to sign the Child Safe Playing Fields Act (S. 4983c/A. 7937c).

And, please remember to drop us quick email with any response and to let us know you called or emailed.

Thank you for taking action. Together we make a difference!


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