Friday, September 02, 2005

Greg Peterson ~ "Preserving Nassau's Beauty"

A Guest Blogger, who asked that his name be withheld (so he doesn't lose his patronage job at Town Hall), chimes in on the Peterson bid to unseat Tom Suozzi.

Why I'm Voting For Greg Peterson

I am voting for Greg Peterson on November 8th because he is going to preserve Nassau’s beauty and not turn the County into a sixth borough like Tom Suozzi is doing. In fact, I think I am going to volunteer for the Peterson campaign. Even though I work for the Town of Hempstead and my 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. job (including one hour for lunch, sometimes two, but only during "March Madness") keeps me extremely busy during the week, I should be able to squeeze some time in to volunteer. I think I’ll take a stroll over to the Peterson campaign headquarters and sign up. TIME TO GET MY CAMPAIGN ON!!

Hmmm….the Peterson headquarters is located on Hempstead Turnpike in West Hempstead, not exactly the best place to be running a “Preserving Nassau’s Beauty” platform. Wow! Look at the size of the nice yellow plastic sign on the sidewalk! (Pay no attention to the garbage bag at the base of the speed limit sign.) Mr. Peterson really must have worked cooperatively with the Town of Hempstead to get that zoning variance (Who'd think his campaign headquarters would have a code violation right outside its door, and with Peterson's name on it, no less? No way! Must have been put there by a Suozzi supporter!).

Oh no!! It appears the headquarters is closed. I don’t see anyone in there. Strange, you’d think with only 62 days left to the election that they might be working a little harder. Maybe Mr. Peterson has a killer campaign strategy up his sleeve to convince everyone to vote for him and is going to unleash it on an unsuspecting Suozzi campaign after Labor Day. They sure are doing a good job keeping it under wraps. The front door is locked, maybe the back entrance is open.

This headquarters is a little odd. There seems to be a lot trash around here. Maybe that shirt on the ground belonged to some Peterson volunteer who put it over a puddle so that when Ms. Murray comes to visit, she won't have to step in the water. I’m not sure how to explain that empty pack of Parliament on the ground, though. Probably some Democrat who wants to turn Nassau into the sixth borough threw it there (maybe Suozzi himself!). This can’t just be trash lying around, I mean, Mr. Peterson is promising to “Preserve Nassau’s Beauty.” I think the back door is right around the corner here.

Whoa! Holy mother of Jesus! What is this heaping pile of trash? I can forgive the shirt and the empty cigarette box; but hasn’t anyone in the Peterson headquarters heard about a novel concept called “the trash bag?” This can’t be good. What if some people get the impression that Mr. Peterson doesn’t care about preserving Nassau’s beauty? That might lead one logically to ask, “If Mr. Peterson doesn’t even care how his campaign headquarters look, how could he possibly care about what Nassau County looks like?”

Wait a minute, is that an empty Corona bottle? Listen, I have no quarrel with people who like to have a few pops on the job. I mean, I work at the Town of Hempstead for crying out loud! But if you are going to sauce on the clock, at least be drinking something from the good ol’ USA. Have we red-blooded Republicans of Nassau County sunk so low as to now outsource our beer purchasing to Mexico? Where’s the Schlitz, Greg?

What in the name of all that is sweet and holy are all these doing here? There are more trailers here than a BJ & the Bear reunion. This looks like the mother of all code violations. You know, I was in Garden City yesterday and didn’t see a single one of these anywhere. Come to think of it, I was in Rockville Centre last week and didn’t see any there either. That’s strange because one might get the impression that a double standard exists. That could lead one logically to ask “Why is it that what is not permitted in Garden City or Rockville Centre is allowed in other places like West Hempstead, Franklin Square and Elmont?”

You know, I am becoming rather disillusioned here. I see the sign in the Peterson headquarters that says “Greg Peterson, Preserving Nassau’s Beauty,” but yet I look at his headquarters and I see a filthy pigsty with code violations all over the place. I don’t get it. My head! Too many questions. Is Peterson not telling the truth about wanting to preserve Nassau’s beauty? Does he just not care what his campaign headquarters look like? If he doesn’t care, shouldn’t he? Do the people who work at the Peterson campaign headquarters simply accept what their surroundings look like? Don’t they notice the trash and filth? If not, shouldn’t that be worrisome? Is the lack of awareness representative of the candidate they support?

Should I be voting for Greg Peterson?


  1. Your absolutely right!!!!

    Tom Souzzi & Harvey Levinson will turn Nassau County into the 6th Borough of New York City !!!!

    Nice posting by the way TOH employee?

    Sure it is or maybe this is just another BS posting by the " Souzzi/Levinson Alliance"

    Keep em coming boys I do enjoy a good laugh at least once a day and that one was a good one!!!

    Too bad others can't post because "someone" does not allow anonymous comments???

    what's the matter can't take the criticism on your BLOG????


  2. To ncres4change: Frankly, there is little difference, to us, at least, of a posting by "anonymous" and a posting under, say, "ncres4change." The latter is no more of an identifier than is "anonymous." Requiring a "registration" in order to comment simply permits readers to tell one "anonymous" poster from the other. Everyone who wants to post can get a "handle," while still maintaining their anonymity. [Question: If you were precluded from posting, how the heck did you manage to post your comment to this blog? Clearly, you must be an operative of the infamous Alliance!]

    Of course, you might want to consider this: if what you have to say is not worth putting your name on, then perhaps it is simply not worth saying!

    We shall continue to defend your right to say what you will, even when you attempt to defend the indefensible.

    As for the instant Blog concerning the Peterson campaign, well, as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. At least!

  3. Guess your writing the great american novel-

    if what you have to say is not worth putting your name on, then perhaps it is simply not worth saying!

    Like there are so many people reading and replyiing to your endless banter?

    We shall continue to defend your right to say what you will, even when you attempt to defend the indefensible.

    Next time just try and post an honest reply to the postings instead of endless double talking.

    Let's be honest here a TOH employee is your source?


    And what ooh yes nobody should vote Greg Petersen because his campaign headquarters is such a mess???

    Do you here yourselves?

    Can't you find a better way than that to get your point across?

    I guess your right maybe we shouldn't vote for him just look at the way he keeps his campaign headquarters; and we should vote for Tom Souzzi & Harvey Levinson because they have nice neat campaign Headquarters- LOL

    OOH my GOD what a laugh keep it coming you guys make my day when I read this stuff!!!!

    Keep defending the defenseless from the darkside OBI WAN - HAHAHA

  4. ncres4change, you are missing the point of the message. It's that there is a disconnect between what Peterson says and what actually is. He claims to be the protector of Nassau's beauty yet his own campaign headquarters belie that.

    I would not recommend voting for anyone based on the cleanliness of a candidate's campaign headquarters. Your vote should be determined by where you stand on issues relative to the candidates.

    Preserving Nassau's beauty (whatever on earth that might actually mean) is an issue in this campaign. Judging from the looks of Peterson's headquarters, it is hard to believe that he feels strongly about "Nassau's beauty."

    I doubt that your home looks like this and if you own a business in Nassau County that you would allow your storefront to look like this either. If you would take the time to clean your storefront to make it attractive to customers, shouldn't Greg Peterson be doing the same?

  5. Hmmm...Does Greg Petersen own this store or has it been donated or rented for his campaign Headquarters?

    You are absolutely right you should not vote for a person based on the cleanliness of his "store", home or Headquarters.

    I know what you are saying that he wants to clean up the County and look at his own headquarters; but give me a break !!!

    If you are going to hold everyone to the "EXACT" words they say then everyone better watch every word they say very carefully.

    He wants to clean up Nassau County and your right he should start by cleaning up his own backyard first and I bet if anyone took a look at it now I bet it has already been cleaned.

    As far as the trucks in the parking lot maybe they are the owner of the property is it illegal for the owner to leave them there?

    Does it bother you people that much guess businesses better ask your permission first before doing things then?

    I it is time for a change and I believe that Greg Petersen deserves a chance to bring some fresh ideas to NC; I think Tom Souzzi is not in it for the long run as well as Harvey Levinson both have future plans for themselves!

    Tom Souzzi wants to move on to make a run for Governor; Harvey Levinson ran for County Assesor and now is already moving on to TOH Supervisor.

    Heres an idea how about when you get elected to a position you actually focus your energy on the position the people elected you for instead of trying to fix things outside of the scope of your job!!!!!

    It's basic common sense and anyone who can't see that is blind to what has been happening!

    TOH sets the tax rate; the assesors office doles out the assesments - I bought my house for $160k back in 1995 now it's assesed at $460k where do they come up with these figures; it's ridiculous that the prices of houses for sale in NC are over $500k - Do the math my house has appreciated in value what almost 300% ?????

  6. OK, that response had many facets to it so let's address each one in an orderly fashion here. First, the Peterson headquarters is owned by a guy named Breslin who is a large property owner/developer in Nassau County. He's a big player in the Republican party and is probably giving that space to the Peterson people free of charge or heavily subsidized.

    Regardless of who owns it, Peterson's name is splashed all over the building and he should take the time to make sure it is clean and presentable. Instead of being just another business on Hempstead Turnpike that doesn't keep their storefront clean, it should serve as a shining example for other businesses on the Turnpike.

    Second, unless I have completely lost my mind, Suozzi is running for re-election as County Supervisor, not for Governor of New York. Eliot Spitzer has already declared and there isn't anyone in the NY State Democratic party who can touch him either in fundraising or name recognition. Suozzi may be a lot things, but he isn't an idiot. He knows full well that he can't beat Spitzer. If Suozzi did run, it would only be to get his name out there. However, that would be awfully risky because a blowout by Spitzer in the primary could do serious damage to his future.

    Most importantly though, the only way Suozzi could ever win an election for governor would be on his record as County Executive and on that measure, the jury is still out. He has done a great job turning the County's financial picture around and even the most ardent Republicans grant him that. However, his record outside of that is rather mixed. Suozzi will need more to run on than "We have better bond ratings."

    Levinson's run for Town Supervisor is a little bit more nakedly political. The Democrats have gained a lot of momentum with Suozzi at the helm. They smell blood and think that Murray is vulnerable (in my opinion, that is a valid assessment). Gaining control of the Town would be a major coup for Suozzi.

    Thirdly, the Assessor has no control over what homes sell for Nassau County. The market determines what the going rates are. Your assessment is based on recent home sales that are similar to yours in your neighborhood. I agree with you that the market right now is way overpriced but that is what the market is willing to bear (for now at least). If your house was assessed at $460K, there is a good chance that you could sell your house for that amount, if not more. You may not believe it, but that's the truth. A 300% increase in value may not seem real to you but that is where the market is right now.

    If I were you, I'd be cashing out and moving to Arkansas.

  7. Just to show you that a little pressure causes people to react....
    I walked by the Peterson headquarters on my way to the W. Hempstead train station this morning and lo and behold, the rotting trash can in the back was gone, the sign on the sidewalk was nowhere to be seen, and the surroundings were a tad bit cleaner. Unfortunately, this type of behavior is indicative of all Republicans in Nassau County today. They only react when pushed to take action. There is no initiative. If no one had complained about how filthy the place was, I guarantee you that the trash can would still be there along with the street sign.