Saturday, September 24, 2005

Supervisor Kate Murray Invites. . .

Murray-Mail-Meter Rolls Forward

"Supervisor Kate Murray Invites..." is getting more play in mailboxes around our Town than that famous rotund silhouette in Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

No split-second cameo for Kate. No sir, its full screen all the way!

The latest Murraygram wending its way into 200,000-plus Town of Hempstead households - yet another "pet-friendly" missive - reads, "Supervisor Kate Murray invites you to protect your furry friends at Hempstead Town's Rabies Clinic..."

Funny thing is, we don't even have a dog. A trained cricket and three blind mice (all sitting Commissioners at the local Sanitary District), but no dog requiring protection from distemper.

Yes, let dog owners know about this important inoculation (write, if you must, to registered license-holders, or post, as you have, through other available medium), but please, STOP WASTING TAXPAYER DOLLARS ON SELF-PROMOTING MAILINGS SENT UNDER GUISE OF PROTECTING OUR FINE FURRY FRIENDS!

The Murray-Mail-Meter - an unofficial tabulation of postage spent by the taxpayers to pay for Town mailings that cross the line from public benefit to political promotion - now stands at $388,800.00. [The Community Alliance has been keeping tabs only since May, 2005.]

Like we said, its your money!


  1. The latest tally for the MURRAY-MAIL-METER is $421,200.00, and we admit to being a little lax in the count lately. Hey, we just can't keep up with Kate!

  2. With only one week to go before Election Day, the Murray-Mail-Meter reads $453,400. That's 453,400 of your hard-earned tax dollars used by the Town of Hempstead in postage paid for political mailings.