Monday, September 26, 2005

The Town That Time Forgot

From Jurassic Park to Town Hall Plaza
Measuring Time At Hempstead Town Hall ~ Years, Decades, Eons

The following, excerpted from recent testimony before the Hempstead Town Board, chronicles one community's ongoing endeavor to move the Town to action:

Town time, as we all know, can rarely be measured chronologically. It must be viewed as Anthropological, spanning the epochs, change no more visible to the naked eye than the melting of the glaciers.

I take you back some 500 million years, to about the time the first vertebrates appeared on Earth, and West Hempsteaders first asked Town officials to take action to close the Courtesy Hotel.

Fast forward to 367 Million years ago, about the time of a mass extinction during the Devonian Period, roughly coinciding with the appearance of Scott Banks and Dorothy Goosby on the Town Board.

We move on – a mere 250 million years ago - at the dawn of the Triassic Period, roughly when then-Councilman Joseph Kearney told West Hempsteaders that “the closure of the Courtesy is imminent.”

And it was only some 2 million years ago, with the rise of Homo Habilis and the adoption of the Wooly Mammoth as Town Mascot, that Joe Ra, who had evolved into the post of Town Attorney, postulated that a Condemnation Proceeding to close the Courtesy was out of the question - A theory which, by the way, until only recently, had been accepted and adopted by every Town Supervisor, including Ms. Murray. Indeed, as late as June of this year - AFTER the Supreme Court ruled in the Eminent Domain case that “buoyed” Town officials - Ms. Murray, citing “adverse tax consequences,” told residents, “the option (of Condemnation) would not be welcomed in West Hempstead.”

Obviously, we’ve come a long way – full circle, some might say. While Creationists may differ on the timeline I’ve presented here this evening, suffice it to say that it has been far too long – whatever the measure of time – for the Town to act, and act responsibly – in bringing closure to a community’s continuing nightmare...
- - -
Time, of course, is relative -- most of those relatives being employed by the Town of Hempstead.

Newsday ponders whether times have changed from, say, 50 years ago, when you had to be a registered Republican in order to get a job with the Town of Hempstead. [SEE Hempstead's Preferred Party?]. Sure times have changed -- now you not only have to be a registered Republican, you have to be a Republican Committeeman (or a former Nassau County Comptroller, who lost at the ballot box, but still has the support of every TOH taxpayer).

Time is on our side? Ah, not really. . .


  1. From the referenced Newsday article:

    "Even if the districts aren't eliminated, Levinson believes the town has the authority to better control them under state town law, which says a town board can review the district budgets and make changes. But Murray said the rule applies only to town-created districts, not state-created ones such as the sanitary districts."

    If the state "created" the Town sanitary districts, then how come all the district trucks and inspection vehicles have the Town seal on them? We missing something here?

  2. jacob - It's not that the Town of Hempstead CAN'T control the Sanitary Districts that bear the Town's name and seal, it's that THEY DON'T WANT TO!

    Actually, the Town DOES control everything that happens at the Sanitary Districts, from who serves as Commissioners (GOP Committeemen, party faithful, and at least one GOPer who currently holds a seat on the Town Board),to the appointment of Supervisors, to the hiring of all personnel. Nice of the Supervisor to say "she is concerned about alleged district misspending but that responsibility lies with commissioners. 'The fact is they're the ones who should be put to task, it's not the town...'"

    Perhaps she should tell that to her TOWN ATTORNEY, who also just happens to be the GENERAL COUNSEL for Sanitary District 6!

  3. Shhh. Would you guys be quiet, already?

    If it weren't for the fact that so many people - and their brothers, fathers and cousins thrice removed - are on the payroll, the Town Clowns couldn't get elected as Dog Catchers?

    Remember, here at Hempstead Town Hall, we work for the party, NOT the people!

  4. What haven't we been complaining about for years, decades, or the better part of a century?

    Illegal apartments? Had 'em since the 70s, at least. No one's done a damn thing about them.

    Property taxes? Up, up and away, STAR and promises of tax "freezes" notwithstanding.

    Special Districts? I never knew my neighbors paid less than I to have their trash collected. Now we all know. So, what are we going to do about it?

    Can electing Harvey Levinson really turn things around at Hempstead Town Hall? I wonder if anyone can. Still, we need to start to fix what's broken somewhere and sometime. Better to start now, than to wait another century or two! We're tired. We're flat broke. Things are only going to get worse (read as, "School Property taxes will DOUBLE by the end of the decade"). YIKES!

    Levinson may not be the cure-all (and "Mr. Personality" he's not), but at least he's willing to put the ideas out there for discussion, and to offer alternatives. I don't hear anybody else saying that much, let alone actually doing something.

    My vote on November 8th - at least on the Town level - will be for change. Perhaps we'll even be able to put some of it back into our pockets!

  5. We have nothing to lose from change, we can only gain. If all fails than we can go back to the PARTY FOR THE PARTY NOT THE PEOPLE. What do we have to lose? We already have lost our communities and we are paying for this mess.

  6. Nothing to lose of course we don't, but Harvey Levinson will not make it better for anyone!

    Has he made it better for anyone while he has been in the Assesors Office?????


    My vote goes to anyone except HIM

  7. than I guess you will stay on the sinking ship. remember Harvey didn't start this mess it was handed to him. also the assesment shoulod have included a visit to everyones home inside and out for a proper assesment. But than thats what I told O'SHEA AND OTHER REPUBLICANS WHEN THEY HAD THE CHANCE TO DO IT RIGHT. But they felt going to ohio was the best way and that was from former assesor O'SHEA. Put the blame where it belongs. what ever happen to consolidation, heard that tearm many times in the past. Now all of a sudden Harvey talks about consolidation ending doing away with looking for a new way to pay for schools now all you stay the course people say NO WAY I DON'T WANT TO CHANGE. When do you want to change in 5 years or maybe 10 will it be too late? you bet! we let it go to long now. give it a shot the right wing is wrong with the idiot we have in DC and I am know liberal but GOP has never been honest with us on Long Island

  8. As many of you may remember, I ran for sanitation commisioner in Sanitary District #2, this past July. I have been reading the articles and blogs on this website for quite some time now. Throughout my campaign, it became quite clear that many people are resistant to change. That is human nature and therefore I can somewhat understand the hesitation of my fellow taxpayers.

    What I can not understand, is the fact that people do not see the crisis situation that we are all in. Everyone I know, has family members and friends that are moving from Long Island because they can not afford to live here. This is only going to get worse as time goes by if we do not start making changes.

    I ran for commissioner to get the word out to people that these special sanitation districts are part of a big problem. I did my best to make people aware of the mismanagement of our taxpayer dollars. There is no oversight and accountability for these districts.

    I and other concerned taxpayers did our own investigating into the finances of district. We turned to elected officials and politicians of all political parties with our concerns and findings. On an individual basis, they all made their position on this issue quite clear. Some supported us and some worked very hard against us. They all did this is the public eye. We could not understand how those who fought us could possibly believe that it is in the best interest of the taxpayer to pay more than others for the same service.

    One argument, the opposition has thrown my way is the wonderful service that we receive. What they fail to realize is that service is provided to us by the hard working civil service employees on the back of those trucks. The guys that are not benefitting from the excessive amount of money that they are spending. The guys on the trucks have to pay for part of their health benefits while the "fatcats" do not. These are the same guys that were told would lose their jobs if I was elected. The guys who are being manipulated by their bosses. These workers provide us with great service, not the unnecessary positions that we are paying for.

    The second argument they through our way was the form of local government that this district provides the community. This district is nothing but a clubhouse and feifdom of poltical patronage.

    The most important argument they did not address is the NUMBERS! Guess why? Because they can't. The numbers are the numbers. The audit results only prove what we already knew. We are getting ripped off.

    I am a firm believer in the fact that people need to make their own informed decisions. Get off the couch taxpayers and pay attention. The writing is on the wall. Those who are willing to step up to the plate for the taxpayers have put themselves out there. Don't be complacent. It is time to start speaking up for ourselves. Don't be mainpulated or bullied. Vote for those who are going to make changes.

  9. Pat Nicolosi said... We already have lost our communities and we are paying for this mess??

    Who has lost there communities if you feel this way maybe you should move somewhere else?

    If you are not a part of the solution then you are part of the problem!

    Harvey Levinson is not to blame but Charles OShea is???

    What are you talking about when Charles OShea was in the assessors office NC had not had property assesments in how many years?

    And right away he was to BLAME for trying to correct the FAIR property tax situation; Harvey Levinson took over & did what???

    Nothing to correct the problem I have been waiting for my assesment appeal since filing in January!

    And now what is he doing leaving a sinking ship!!!

    Where do they come up with these figures my assesed value of my house is $520K for this period and they have already figured that it the value of my home will raise another $40K for the next period???

    Hell in 10years I can sell my small house for let's say what $920K????

  10. Do you watch TV? or maybe you are Like George Bush home prices are rising. Why do I say communities are falling apart. Look at the huge increase in the number of illegal homes the town has failed to correct Where do you live? If you live in any town in the TOH surley you see the decline and I know you see the traffic and I know the cars parked on your street resembly Queens. That's why I am fighting I don't want to leave yet like so many of my friends and family have done. One more time do you know the reason behind the assesment? I don't feel like writing the histroy behind it but again it could have been done better and a better plan could have been had if O'sHEA AND COMPANY WOULD HAVE LISTEM INSTEAD THEY CHOOSE TO FIGHT IN COURT AND LOST. Than they went to a firm in OHIO RING A BELL YET. Change change change is our only hope other wise we will all be moving south

  11. They were brought to court by the democrats because they wanted the assesments done right away and did not care about mistakes!!!

    Sound familiar WHO BROUGHT THEM TO COURT????

    This whole problem started because 2 political parties in the county could not work together!!!

    And you speak of change - Of course that is exactly what Harvey Levinson is doing the OLD Democratic shuffle - Side step from the DAs office where he did nothing; side step into the Assesors Office where he did nothing and now he wants to side step into the TOH - WELL IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE - TIME FOR HARVEY LEVINSON TO MAYBE STICK TO ONE JOB!!!



  12. And what has the Gop done after only 100 years of ruining our towns no I mean running our towns. I don't say the Dems are better than the Gop however a blanced Government like we have now in Nassau is way better than 1 part rule. The town needs to be broken up. Besides if you listen to Harvey speak against illegal homes and consolidation he sounds more like a republican than the republicans. while we are on the subject What Has Kate really done? Besides what has Peterson really done now he talks about the paint pealing in county buildings? The buildings were falling down under the GOPs reign.

  13. Question of the day:

    If the proponents of the current system of special sanitation districts play up the fact that it give us so much local control, then why do they make it near impossible for local residents to make changes to their service like cutting back from six-day-a-week pickups and thereby saving themselves a little money?

  14. I really don't know how to resolve the issues with the sanitation districts except to reorganize the entire system in which they are run- I am not saying "consolidating" them!

    Kate Murray says she has no jurisdiction ovewr them and everyone says then why do they the TOH logos and signage - How were these districts setup? Who has authority over them? I know that the commisioners are elected by the individual towns.

    As far as Harvey Levinson is concerned yes I have heard him speak on illegal housing and consolidation and I don't know who he sounds like - But one thing is for sure if he spent the same amount of energy at his JOB at the assesors office as he is doing PREACHING his plan about illegal housing and consolidation then maybe I would have a better opinion of the man!!!

    Instead of doing the political 2 step from job to job!!!

    Let me ask one pretty big question if your good at your job would'nt you say it's your career, and as careers go you stay in one place for awhile, How is Harvey Levinson qualified to run the TOH when let's see he's been in the NC DAs office, the NC Assesors Office and now he wants to run for TOH Supervisor????

    Sorry for me I'll stick with Kate Murray she's worked for the TOH for how many years, like in most companies she started at the bottom and has worked her way to the top and she knows how everything works!

    Just like Tom Souzzi he had the experience as Mayor of Glen Cove before moving on to Nassau County and he is running for reelection to the same office NOT a different office, and everyone knows where he wants to go next the Governors Mansion but at least he's being consistent!!

    I think Harvey Levinson has a plan it may sound good but in order to accomplish it all interested parties must agree to it because what he is proposing cannot be accomplished or ordered by him alone and he what he is proposing will take years to get online if even it gets that far.

    As far as his other plans he's following the County Executor, because with Tom Souzzi and Harvey Levinson both at the helms of these 2 areas of goverment they could make alot of impacting changes for the County and that is the ONLY reason he's running is for the shift in power to one party!

    And that my friends will never happen because the 2 will not be around after election day well maybe Harvey if he stays in the Assesors office after he loses to Kate but Tom will be out and Greg will be in and whether you guys like it or not the shift in power will be a REPUBLICAN one!

  15. Well than Greg Peterson will fit right in, send the painters home let the buildings fall and oh yea I will hear how he has held the line on taxes for 12 years. Too bad the Republicans of which I am registered doesn'y practice what they preach lower taxes less government. You can go back but I do believe people are smarter than you think. Never look back always look ahead and as far as experience Where did GW get his to become President was it from all his failed business No I know DADDY gave it to hom like everything else. God help us all! See even the conseratives will love me for using God even though I believe in separtion of Church and State another part of the consitution the Republicanshave done away with.

  16. So in other words you have nothing to offer here either???

    If you want to participate at all try reading the postings and replying to what is relevent!!!

    Your mindless banter means nothing, you talk about change and never looking back???

    Well look back at Greg Petersens track record how does he fair with the others when he was in office how long did he remain there, did he take care of the peoples concerns or just the party's??

    You will see that he is no Tom Souzzi or Harvey Levinson he is a leader who is concerned with one thing cleaning up the mess that is all around us !!!!

    Harvey & Tom your 15 minutes of fame are over so you better get off the tracks because the Petersen / Murray Express is coming down the tracks and it's not stopping to let you on!!!!


  17. Kate Murray DIDN'T work her way up through the ranks. That's why she is despised by those here at Town Hall who did.

    The folks who could make a difference at the Town of Hempstead - meaning they would have cleaned house - were passed over in favor of Kate, who the party bosses knew they could control.

    As a third generation Republican, I am terribly disappointed in what I see our party has become. From the White House to the House of Representatives to the State House to the seat of government closest to our overtaxed houses, right here at Hempstead Town Hall, we are truly governed by our inferiors. Bumbling, stumbling, making a mockery on what our Republican Party stands for.

    All for one. All for themselves. That's not only an indictment of Tom DeLay, our GOP's latest poster boy. That's an indictment of all of us. The folks who put - and keep - these people in office!

  18. Greg Peterson's "paint peeling off the courthouse walls" remark will go down right next to George H.W. Bush's "Read my lips" boondoggle.

    And here's Peterson chiding Suozzi for "possibly" making a run for Governor in '06. Excuse me, Greg. But didn't you resign as Town of Hempstead Supervisor about a week after you were last elected to take that cushy patronage post at Nassau OTB? The pot calls the kettle black.

    At the Town, it really is not about whether Harvey Levinson is the man for the job. It has to be "anybody but Kate and another 100 years of the same old 'taxpayer be damned!"

    If ncres4change is the future of the Republican Party in Nassau County, God help us all!

  19. Well said by all if the GOP would have let regeistered Republicans vote it would not have been for Kate. As far as insider who ever that person may be you are 110% correct there are many good people that were step over.As far as Havery vs Kate and the Gop vs. the Dems. it's no longer about them it's about us the tax payers who are complaining about taxes illegal homes day workers standing in front of our homes and so on. The GOP had their shot to correct and even Greg had a shot to correct and did nothing. I would be very supportive of Kate and the GOP if they only would have done their job. That's why I say change and if the new crew doesn't do anything to correct so many issues than I will ask for change again until they work for us the tax payers not their party and family members.

  20. Nice low blow ever wonder why Greg resigned???

    Maybe the fact that his wife was TERMINALLY ILL maybe had something to do with it!!!!

    And I'm sorry I made a mistake in a previous posting, I misspelled a word and that word is -