Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's Just Not Cricket!

A Chicken In Every Pot, And A Cricket Pitch For Elmont

As a follow-up to the June 13th blog, The Empire Zone Strikes Out, consider once again the appointment of Kuldeap Krish Prasad to the Empire Zone's governing board.

Just last week, we were informed by sources close to the Nassau County Legislature that while Mr. Prasad "may not have had the time" to become active in the West Hempstead community where he now resides (we didn't know there was a 2 year "waiting period" to become active in local civics), he was a "community activist" in his former hometown of Elmont.

In fact, The Community Alliance has learned -- from that same legislative source -- that, notwithstanding Mr. Prasad's absence from the community scene (and that not a single known community activist in Elmont has been able to so much as acknowledge that Mr. Prasad ever lived in Elmont, let alone that he could be labeled as an "activist"), it was Prasad who was, almost single-handedly, responsible for what will surely be long-remembered as the feather in the the cap of his previous domicile: bringing cricket to Elmont!

Yes, we said cricket.

Never mind all of the sundry problems Elmont faces. At least we have cricket!

We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief knowing that, if nothing else, Nassau County’s first Empire Zone will finally give Roosevelt, New Cassel, Freeport and West Hempstead cricket. We've been without the sport for far too long (more than 100 years, or at least as long as the GOP has held the reigns at Hempstead Town Hall).

We, too, as residents within Nassau County's first Empire Zone, will no doubt benefit from Mr. Prasad’s community activism, as Elmont surely has, with a wicket in every backyard and a batsman on every street corner. Cricket for Elmont. Cricket for all!

Spot of tea, anyone? We can sense that rebirth of the local economy about to emerge from the cricket field. Build it, and they will come. . .
- - -
Postscript: From Hempstead Town Hall (via another dependable source). On the agenda, on a long list of local expenditures for the unincorporated areas of the township -- a cricket pitch for Elmont!

Ah, Mr. Prasad's influence (peddled, if not otherwise) is paying dividends already. Watch for Cricket Shops to pop up all along Hempstead Turnpike. The economic boon is upon us at last!
- - -
Postmortem: Word has it that the Nassau County Legislature has given the nod of approval to the appointment of Kuldeap Krish Prasad to the Empire Zone's governing body.

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