Friday, June 16, 2006

"You Sunk My Battleship!"

Town of Hempstead, Nassau County battle over signage at Freeport creek

Here's one to top them all --

Town asked by residents (on numerous occasions) to post speed limit signs on local waterway;
Town does nothing;
County, at residents' request, posts signs limiting speed on local waterway;
Town employees rip down County speed limit signs.

[Click HERE to view News12 clip.]

What gives? Its not even close to Election Day!

Still, here are your erstwhile Town of Hempstead employees -- Bay Constables, no less -- hard at work removing signs designed and posted to protect the public.

“Town of Hempstead spokesman Mike Deery says the town cannot allow people to put up signs where it wants,” reports News12.

"Willy-Nilly," the Town spokesman in the nice bow-tie calls it. Are you sure that tie isn't tied just a tad too tight, Mike? Nah. Its a clip-on!]

Hey Mikie, have you ever looked at the signage along Hempstead Turnpike, and other thoroughfares in the Town of Hempstead? "Got a sign? Go ahead, put it up! We guarantee that no Town employee will ever touch it!"

"Willy-Nilly" my . . .

This would all be very comical if the consequences weren't so serious.

Forget about the safety of boaters upon the waters that surround Long Island. Who cares that private property is imperiled in the wake of speeding watercraft. And never mind that the taxpayers of Nassau County -- some 700,000 of whom reside in Hempstead Town -- paid for those signs.

We expect -- and usually get -- more mature behavior from 2-year olds. [And sometimes, even from the Nassau County Legislature.]

But that's the Town of Hempstead for you. SEE A SIGN (usually your political opponent's), TEAR IT DOWN! [Unless, of course, the sign is posted illegally, whether upon a utility pole or a storefront. Then, it will stay up forever...]

Way to go, Town of Hempstead. And you tell it the way it is, Mike Deery, like a good Director of the Town's Office of Misinformation. Get the Town Board to approve a sign to protect the lives of boaters and the property of dock owners. And while you're at it, don’t forget the photo of Kate Murray, Town Supervisor
- - -
Until the Town and County learn to play together nicely ("She started..."), click HERE to enjoy the online interactive game, You Sunk My Battleship!

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  1. So much for working together. But hey, the one thing you can honestly say about the town is; they sure know how to take down signs especially if they are for democrats.Hey wait! there was no one running for water commissioner or was there an election we don't know about. Could you imagine if the town would work this fast on things that are important? Is that motel in West Hempstead still open? I know club rum in Elmont has been shoting up the town. But what the hell taken down signs on the bay needs utmost attention.