Friday, June 02, 2006

Who The Heck Is Pia Savage?

And What, Pray Tell, Is The Fascination With Her Rant?

The blog of Pia Savage -- COURTING DESTINY -- has been reviewed, critiqued, showcased, and visited more times than the official site of Homeland Security.

Why does this blog speak to so many? Why does Pia Savage speak for so many?

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there -- including this innocuous blog ruminating over the so-called quality of life on this Long, often heavy-laden, Island.

Perhaps it is, as Pia herself says in one of her absorbing and angst-riddled posts, all about making a connection with people, with community, and, yes, with ourselves.

"I believe in mutual linkage; it helps foster a gigantic sense of community. There are some people in our lives we speak to every day, sometimes many times a day, others every few days, others monthly. Doesn’t mean that they’re less important to us."

Courting Destiny is as much a journey as it is a journal. A fascinating, if not rather long-winded and oft-times strange ride through the universe -- all of it as taken in through senses of sight, sound, touch and smell -- rattled around in the brain of the blogger, and then cast off, more than occasionally with improvised cadence and anecdotal rhyme, into the realm of cyberspace.

It is a story about everything, as it is about nothing at all. From Vietnam to The Twilight Zone, Pia Savage's blogspot reaches something more deeply embedded in our souls than a CNN reporter with the 5th Infantry north of Falujah.

In many ways, Courting Destiny is as exasperating as it is inspiring. A run-on stream of consciousness, uncensored and uncondensed. A compendium of what many think, but few dare to say. All at once, provocative and seductive. Could be that's the reason we read Pia's blog, and take it to heart. Then again, maybe that's just the reason we don't!

So here we are, at The Community Alliance, blogging away at the issues and non-issues alike. Why does Pia Savage do it? Why do we do it? And does it really matter in the totality of it all?

Well, to borrow (and paraphrase) from one of Pia's posts on Courting Destiny, "the mere act of writing and posting can lift us out of despair -- so we do!"

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  1. Two words Alberto Vargas.

    Sadly the site (and its author) don't live up to the pin up!