Friday, June 23, 2006

Knowing Rice From Wrong

A Slap In Face To Working Mothers From Nassau County DA

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice has struck a blow to every woman who manages to juggle raising a family with building a career.

Newsday reports that Rice, elected last year to succeed long-time District Attorney Denis Dillon, has asked that all Assistant District Attorneys work full-time, leaving a dozen part-timers in a quandary -- choose between your children and your careers. [SEE, DA Rice: Full-Time Or No Time.]

Women returning to the workforce -- many to professional careers -- while raising families is no longer either an anomaly or a luxury. Indeed, women who work part-time while continuing to be full-time mothers, have become an integral part not only of the workforce, but moreover, of holding the fabric of family life together.

Surely there’s a place in the District Attorney’s office for dedicated part-time prosecutors such as Kathleen Whelan. And if not, it is a loss not only to the Prosecutor’s office, but to the good people of Nassau County, and to working mothers everywhere!

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