Friday, October 12, 2007

The Blogs Of New York

Okay, Of Long Island. Geez!

The Long Island Press front page story last week chronicled the life and times of some of Long Island's more interesting blogs.

Alas, The Community Alliance Blog was not among them.

Damn you, Robbie Woliver!

Actually, the Editor-In-Chief did contact this blogger. We missed him. He missed us. And there went the deadline. "Better luck next time, Kimosabe." LOL

Anyway, some good stuff in the article on Citizen Journalists (more in the print edition than online), including a blurb on our good friends at The Peter King Watch.

A nice cross section -- well, maybe a bit heavy on the music blogs, ala, but that's the trade -- of skull bloggery, and even a hit on The Long Island Idea factory, which this blog highlighted some time back (and we're still trying to figure out what Louis Savinetti is talking about! ;-)

Well, here are a few Long Island blogs -- notable or not -- the the LIP missed, for better or for worse:

Loving Long Island. Yes, you, too, can post a blog. And you should!

Long Island Library Conference Blog. Shh. Wake us when its over.

Long Island Woman. Some fantastic pics, from Coney Island (yes, Brooklyn is really part of Long Island) to Peru. Peru?

Feng Shui Long Island Blog. A bit about the Ying and the Yang. Hey, isn't that what got Senator Craig into trouble? Hmm. We're feeling some negative energy here.

Long Island Food Blog. Can somebody point us in the direction of the nearest White Castle?

The Long Island Living Blog. You call this living?

And finally, the blog that begs the question, "Who named Michael Watt 'Mr. Long Island,' anyway?" Mr. Long Island.

There's lots of interesting reading out there -- and plenty of blogging that's not, as well. This is Long Island, after all.

Have something to say about your Long Island? You can send it to The Community Alliance Blog at and we'll post it. Better yet, start a Long Island blog of your very own.

Exercise your First Amendment rights. Freedom of Speech. Use It or Lose It!

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