Wednesday, October 10, 2007

You Can't Teach Old Elephants New Tricks

At Least Not In The Town Of Hempstead

From our good friends -- and yours -- at The Uhl Blog:

Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign. . .

. . .Just Not Ours!

If you haven't seen all that many of Michael Uhl's lawn signs and campaign placards about the Legislative District -- or those of other Democratic candidates, for that matter -- this may be why: the opposition is stealing them!

Surprised? You shouldn't be. Its a sign of the times. If you can't win an election on the merits, addressing the issues and running on your record (instead of away from it), then just make sure that nobody knows your opponent's name.

Click HERE to read, One Party Rules In The Trashing Of Lawn Signs, only on The Uhl Blog.

Haven't you had enough of the dirty tricks and stolen elections? Michael Uhl has!

On November 6th, Send Michael Uhl To The Nassau County Legislature.
- - -
What more can we say? Face it, sometimes -- most times -- the Town of Hempstead/Nassau County GOP is its own worst enemy. This, friends, is one of those times!

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