Monday, October 01, 2007

How Much Are The Special Taxing Districts Costing You?

Residents For Efficient Special Districts Spells It Out For You

Residents for Efficient Special Districts (RESD) has added some great new content to its website. You can now view an actual tax bill and see what the special taxing districts are costing you, and begin -- or try, at least -- to understand the services they provide. There is also testimony given by several RESD members at the recent NYS Commission on Local Government Efficiency and Competitiveness forum held at Hofstra University.

If you haven't been to the RESD website in a while, check it out soon. And after you've digested the sites content, send the link on to someone you know who also wants to lower his/her tax bill.
Our elected officials do not yet fully realize the groundswell of support for consolidation of special taxing districts. [Oh, maybe they realize it, but they're milking us for every last penny before these fiefdoms are shut down.]

Unless concerned groups like RESD continue to apply pressure and create more awareness, our taxes will continue to skyrocket and we will continue a slow march towards death by government.

And until concerned citizens, like yourself, send a message to the elected and anointed that we've had enough of excessive taxation by special district, the onslaught will continue.

Come visit and see what's new!

Oh, and by the way, Election Day is but a month away -- Tuesday, November 6th.

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